San Marzano: Fresh Pastas, at Wallet-Friendly Prices

San Marzano, in the East Village, was already getting regulars during its opening week last week.

It could have something to do with the wallet-friendly prices, with pasta dish prices averaging about $9. 

“All our items except one are under $10, even for dinner,” said restaurateur Kamran Malekan, who opened San Marzano with his brother David Malekan.

The pasta is made fresh continuously throughout the day, on two small hand-cranked pasta machines. At the current pace of things, he’ll be needing a couple of cooks as reinforcements.

The idea is simple: choose a shape, choose a sauce, and you’re set. Gluten-free and whole wheat pastas are available.

The beauty of a cut like the pappardelle, said Malekan, is the way that sauces adhere to the pasta. Indeed the wine-braised Bolognese, made with veal, pork, and beef, lovingly clung to the thick strands—a recipe for a delicious meal.

 (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

Some sauces have revealed themselves to be hits already, such as the butternut squash and sausage, with sage, basil, and a white wine reduction. Another bestseller is the burrata appetizer with prosciutto di Parma and balsamic reduction. Anywhere else, an appetizer the same size would go for $15. Here it’s $7.

If after carb-loading, you still have room, try the “ricottella,” a deep fried dough encasing a filling of ricotta and Nutella ($7).

(Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

Wines are reasonably priced. Malekan felt he couldn’t sell wines that were more expensive than his dishes, so there is a selection of wines at $6–$7 a glass.

San Marzano
117 Second Ave. (at Seventh Street)