Philadelphian Family Really Happy at Shen Yun

February 21, 2017

“I have my three children here. We found it very unique and entertaining, exciting, and different from many American shows we’ve seen. … I think they know a lot about differences in Chinese dance versus American. And the moves, and overall techniques, we are going to talk all about it.”


“I love the music. I like the mixing of the Chinese sound in the American instruments. We are able to see down to the orchestra pits, so I like to see the trumpets, the violins—just all the percussion, very very very nice music. I enjoyed it extremely.”


“It’s a very unique, dynamic, entertaining display of dance and choreography. Musically, with the solo acts—I feel like I was taking a guide to different parts of China, I feel I was experiencing different areas. My knowledge of Chinese history is not great. However, this will definitely be a gateway to learning more, through dancing and the arts.”