380-Pound Dad Undergoes Stunning Transformation

Doctors Told Him He Would Die If He Didn't Get Healthy
March 15, 2016 Updated: March 17, 2016

An obese young father who was told he would die by the age of 30 if he failed to lose weight underwent an incredible transformation.

Ryan Clarke, 24, of Nova Scotia, weighed 383 pounds and suffered from a host of health problems, such as chest pains and depression.

Just ten months later, Clarke has shed 183 pounds.

After doctors warned Clarke that he would die within six years if he didn’t take action—and with his wife Alyssa pregnant with their second child—Clarke decided to go for it.

(Ryan Clarke/Facebook)
(Ryan Clarke/Facebook)

“If he didn’t live to see 30 our kids wouldn’t even remember him. So he just woke up that one day and said enough is enough,” Alyssa told Buzzfeed.

Just ten months later, Clarke has shed 183 pounds and weighs about 197 pounds.

Both he and Alyssa now fit into the 48-inch jeans he used to wear before he lost the weight.

(Ryan Clarke/Instagram)
(Ryan Clarke/Instagram)

His routine now includes going to the gym twice a day, spending about two-and-a-half hours doing cardio and weight training.

He has also changed his eating habits and spends more time with pals that support his new lifestyle, such as his wife, and friends he met at the gym. 

Clarke now tries to motivate others to transform themselves through inspirational posts on Facebook and Instagram, among other methods. 

(Ryan Clarke/Instagram)
(Ryan Clarke/Instagram)

“There were days where he was just like, ‘no I’m not going’ and I’d say ‘yes you are,'” Alyssa said. “He just wants to be able to help people. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Clarke still has problems, such as people who accuse him of taking steroids and others who criticize his loose skin, which he shared pictures of in his Facebook group “Journey to being fit & reaching you life goals.”

Fans are glad for Clarke’s posts and messages.

“U are everything that anyone strives to be when they are struggling with their weight or any other issues,” wrote Linda Jewells. “U need to realize how much of an impact u have on others,, people are going to hate but u are proof that u can do this no matter how hateful people can be… keep doing what u are doing cause u rock! [sic].”