Musician and Song Writer Says Shen Yun Performance ‘Is Like Poetry to Me’

April 28, 2017

“I particularly enjoyed the music, because the orchestra is really great, as well as the dancers of course. My wife and I are planning to go to China this year. So this gives us a preview before discovering this great country. And at the same time, I personally am very interested in the music of different countries and therefore the music of China interests me as a musician.”

“This is what I appreciated very much, this mixture of traditional Chinese instruments with our classical Western instruments. And I think this skillful blending is done very successfully. Then, of course, the dance skills are at the top level, the stage backdrops are fantastic and at the same time I find plenty of poetry in them—it is very charming. I’m mesmerized by this show and it makes me want all the more go see the country itself.”

“It is like poetry to me—this is what strikes me and then the musicality and the performance of the dancers obviously.”

“The whole show is a message of beauty and sharing with the public—it is done very successfully from this point of view. So for us, we discover, at the same time, a music, a country as well as great artists.”

“I feel this is very, very beautiful, very well done, very professional. I especially enjoyed the drums which are obviously very spectacular but what is very successfully done is the beauty of the images of the dancers, linked to the animated stage backdrops which I would describe as very modern. It is a very unique to this show and very original.”