“Mojito” Green Juice

August 29, 2014 Updated: August 26, 2014

This is one of my absolute favorite green juice recipes. It’s crisp, refreshing, and perfect for the warmer months! It has a lot of cucumber in it, which is great for hydration and for skin, and the addition of mint and basil gives it a delicious fresh flavor. To add some dark leafy greens, I use spinach in this recipe because it has a smoother and more subtle taste than other greens. The lime and ginger give it a tangy kick. Trust me on this one – it’s going to become your new favorite juice!

Makes about 16 oz juice, depending on juicer / produce size.


  • 1 green apple
  • 1 lime
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 cup basil
  • ¼ cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1 inch piece of ginger


Add all ingredients to your juicer, and enjoy! (This could probably be made as a smoothie in a blender too, although I’ve never tried it that way. If you make it as a smoothie, I’d recommend adding a small piece of avocado for creaminess).

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*Image of “green juice” via Shutterstock