Dog Barks Relentlessly at Biker, Leads Him to Newborn Baby Abandoned at Dumpsite

January 11, 2021 Updated: April 7, 2021

The residents of the Philippine town of Sibonga witnessed a double Christmas miracle last year all thanks to an incessantly barking dog and a caring motorcyclist.

Junrell Fuentes Revilla, 36, was riding his bike on Christmas Eve morning when a black stray started barking at him. Pulling over to heed the dog’s message, the motorcyclist was led toward a bundle near a garbage dumpsite.

The bundle turned out to be a newborn baby boy wrapped in a towel and left unattended—crying, with his umbilical cord and placenta still attached, reported Cebu Daily News.

Epoch Times Photo
Motorcyclist Junrell Fuentes Revilla holding the newborn baby boy he saved from a dumpsite. (Courtesy of Sibonga Police Department’s Women and Children Protection Desk via Hope for Strays)

Revilla sprang into action and took the infant to Deiparine Community Hospital, reported Sibonga Police Department’s Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD).

The baby received treatment and is now safe under the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The police launched an investigation, asking the residents of Sibonga, 50 kilometers southeast of Cebu City, to contribute any information that may lead to the identification of the mother, reported Cebu Daily News.

Meanwhile, everyone thought the adorable heroic canine was a stray until a local rescue group, Hope For Strays, tracked down the dog and found that he is one out of the 10 pups owned by an animal lover, Kuya Lyndon.

The founder of Hope For Strays, Gea Chei Ybarita, told The Epoch Times that the baby boy was placed in isolation for two weeks owing to the pandemic. After the quarantine period, the boy was discharged from the hospital and placed in the safe care of Sibonga MSWDO social welfare.

Ybarita said the investigation to locate the baby’s family “is still ongoing.”

Epoch Times Photo
Blacky, identified as one of 10 dogs owned by Kuya Lyndon Olingay of Barangay, Magcagong. (Courtesy of Hope for Strays)

Hope For Strays shared that their organization functions with limited resources with nothing but a bike for their outreach ventures. Nonetheless, the rescue group didn’t hesitate to partner with @pawssionproject to organize a fundraiser for Blacky’s family in hopes to give back to this amazing family “for having raised such an intelligent and friendly dog.”

The rescue group posted on Facebook that Blacky’s owner told them although his family struggles financially, he ensures to feed all his dogs and take good care of them.

The team gifted them groceries worth 10,000 Philippine pesos (approx. US$207), two sacks of rice, pet supplies worth 5,000 Philippine pesos (approx. US$104), and 5,000 Philippine pesos of monetary help for the family.

Epoch Times Photo
Hope for Strays, in collaboration with @pawssionproject, presenting Blacky’s family with a reward for the smart dog’s heroism. (Courtesy of Hope for Strays)

“It shows how compassionate and kind Blacky’s family is,” the rescue group wrote. “Kuya Lyndon was teary-eyed and could not express how grateful he is.”

“This is a reminder to everyone that dogs … too can save lives.”

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