Lifeguards Escort 95-Year-Old Who Couldn’t Walk to Beach and Back Every Day of Her Vacation

BY Louise Chambers TIMENovember 15, 2021 PRINT

A team of Alabama lifeguards went above and beyond the call of their duty for a 95-year-old holidaymaker, unable to walk on the sandy beach, by escorting her to and from the seafront every single day of her week-long trip.

Dottie Schneider was visiting Orange Beach on Alabama’s Gulf Coast with her family in October. A team of lifeguards befriended the party when Dottie’s need became apparent, offering to help her get to the sunny beach and back each day to make the most of her relaxing vacation.

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Dottie Schneider, 95, was helped by lifeguards. (Courtesy of Orange Beach Surf Rescue)

Dottie had “hopes to enjoy the beach, but was unable to walk through the sand on her own,” Orange Beach Surf Rescue posted on Facebook. “Every day for one week, lifeguards would meet Ms. Dottie and her family to help assist her down to her beach chairs, then at day’s end escort her back to the condo.”

The grateful family thanked the lifeguards, they said, by gifting them a fridge-full of food at the end of their vacation.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Orange Beach Surf Rescue)

The Surf Rescue’s post went viral, inspiring thousands of supportive comments and well-wishes for the nonagenarian holidaymaker and her family.

“That is so awesome,” one netizen responded. “Thank you guys for showing compassion to our elders! I hope Ms. Dottie enjoyed her beach trip!”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Orange Beach Surf Rescue)

“My faith in humanity gets restored little by little every day with stories like these,” wrote another. “This is absolutely amazing!”

The Surf Rescue also added: “Lifeguards are public servants, and we could not be happier to help provide this service.”

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