Is Your Brain on Dialup? Here’s How to Get Google Fiber for Your Mind

March 3, 2015 Updated: March 3, 2015

By Ethan A. Huff, contributing writer to Natural News

In our rapidly changing world, trying to process news and other information that’s constantly bombarding us, at an ever-increasing rate, is often nothing short of overwhelming. And while it might seem like too much to handle at times, there exist alternate methods of learning that can help you stay informed without risking information overload.

One such method is known as “hyperlearning,” which involves teaching your brain how to receive and process information much more rapidly and efficiently than normal. Author and life coach David Rainoshek is a passionate advocate of this unique learning system, which he says has helped him tremendously in keeping up with this fast-paced age.

The amazing techniques he’s learned over the past three decades, which have allowed him to create in-depth books and programs like There is a Cure for Diabetes and “The Juice Feasting Program,” are outlined extensively in his latest program HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach.

Hyperlearning maximizes what the brain is fully capable of doing (Shutterstock)


In it, Rainoshek leads his students on a journey of self-discovery, helping them realize a potential that many people still don’t realize exists within them to acquire and maintain knowledge at an accelerated pace. The program is highly beneficial for anyone who loves to learn and wants to keep up with the latest in health, for instance, but who also feels deluged by it.

“For the first time in human history, the sum total of all human knowledge, all peoples, finest achievements, experiences, cultures, traditions, histories, economies, ecologies, technologies, perspectives, wisdom, and ways of being — everything that makes us human — is now being put on the table and available to us, often just a Google search away,” he explains.

“This next-level access and interconnection is absolutely unprecedented… nothing like it has ever happened in all of human history, and the implications are exhilarating and astounding.”

Give Your Brain a Major Boost With Advanced Hyperlearning Techniques

With this information onslaught comes the sobering realization that the human brain, unless adequately trained and disciplined, simply can’t take it all in if operating in a state of mediocrity. This is what makes hyperlearning so essential — it maximizes what the brain is fully capable of doing, but what many people’s brains are never primed to accomplish.

In order to achieve a high-level ability to “co-create,” a concept that Rainoshek describes as humanity’s “higher purpose,” individuals must embrace the hyperlearning techniques that Rainoshek contends are vital for reaching an elevated state of compassion, care and creativity.

“The problems we face, and the opportunities that await us, can only be met with next-level thinking and creative cooperation on a global scale,” he says. “And this means taking everyone, and everything, into account as we take this next evolutionary step worldwide.”

Rainoshek offers an absolute guarantee that his hyperlearning course will help you clear brain fog, learn how to read several books a day in minutes rather than hours, learn how to halt and even reverse mental aging, and gain a competitive advantage mentally over even the super-rich and highly educated.

“HyperLearning represents a quantum leap forward in the way you will learn, and what is possible when your mind and spirit are simultaneously at their peak potential,” he says.

*Image of “brain” via Shutterstock