Is Organic Food Really Better For You? (Video)

June 22, 2015 Updated: June 22, 2015

It’s a debate that we often see in the papers: some say that there’s very little difference in terms of health benefits with regards to eating organic produce, but that seems counter-intuitive. I mean, we know that huge quantities of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are sprayed all over our fruit and veg, and some of these are impossible to wash off. So how could there be little difference?

In a recent article investigating the dangers of pesticides, Eluxe cited the fact that many large farmers’ groups argue (especially in the UK and USA)  that there is virtually no harm that can come to us from the use of pesticides, and that these can be washed off. Yet there must surely be a link to health: we know that human health is deteriorating year on year as cancer rates continue to rise, despite billions of dollars being spent to ‘cure’ cancer. Moreover, it’s expected that 50% of the future generations will suffer from different food allergies, most of which were extremely rare before.

We don’t know yet exactly how or why this is happening, but several food additives/chemicals/pesticides seem to be the culprits–and yet governments refuse to ban them, claiming they are ‘generally recognised as safe.’ Sure, this may be the case in tiny quantities, or when each chemical is put into the body individually, but what about when there is a huge mixture of chemicals that have come from different foods? It’s enough to put you off your salad!

One large (non-organic) supermarket chain in Scandinavia decided to get to the bottom of the pesticides debate, and recently released a report that studied whether or not organic food really is better for our health. The results shocked even all of us here at Eluxe.

Personally, I already try to buy organic food whenever possible, but if you haven’t started shopping for organic yet, this video may well change your mind.

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