Interplay Among Shen Yun Orchestra Instruments Fascinating

February 25, 2018

“I do audio visual, interestingly enough, so that’s why I’m even more fascinated by seeing the stage and how they actually did the graphics in the background and the lighting and the special effects. It was brilliant.”

“The integration of the graphics that were done on the screen as well as how it was incorporated with the performance itself was brilliant. Very, very clever and the coordination of the sound effects.”

“I was very intrigued by the orchestra. I liked the interplay between the clarinets and the oboes which I thought was wonderful. The harp usage I thought was fantastic. There was another kind of talkback that I liked too, the cello and the violin, how they would go back and forth. … It was just a exceptionally well rehearsed, well put together, well choreographed, it was— [a] brilliant, beautiful show.”

“[The music] I would say … transformative. It actually helped to encourage the idea of traditional China … and I think that was using the traditional folk instruments really helped with that too.”