How To Manage Long Thick Hair

November 18, 2015 Updated: November 18, 2015

Meet lovely Jenna Catherine, our new Beauty Blogger!

A native of Canada, Jenna’s YouTube channel the Natural Beautiful Life has become an international hit for her honest reviews of non-chemical beautiful products, her talent with a makeup brush, and of course, thanks to her bubbly, sweet personality.

Eluxe is proud to announce that Jenna will be creating exclusive video content for Eluxe, sharing her favourite products and beauty tips with our readers – we can guarantee that everything Jenna endorses is solely because she likes the product; she is never paid by brands to promote them!

In her first video, Jenna explains how to manage long thick hair – a ‘problem’ many would be very happy to have, but one Jenna says can be difficult to manage. As she describes in more detail, in order to keep her locks luscious, Jenna uses:

1. Juice Organics Pomsmooth Conditioner and Shampoo

2. Josh Rosebrook Lift Texture & Volume

3. Loose Waves Curling Iron

4. Rahua Hair Spray

Watch the video to learn about how to make these products work for you. 

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