How the ‘Christmas Creep’ Can Influence Your Health

By Devon Andre
Devon Andre
Devon Andre
November 21, 2019 Updated: November 21, 2019

I’ll mark the day—November 9. I had gone out for a lovely brunch with my wife before stopping at the pharmacy for toothpaste. When we walked through the door, it was like we’d entered Santa’s village. Christmas decorations, gift ideas, chocolates, and, of course, Christmas carols.

It’s quite possible we missed the “Christmas creep” altogether and were swept up into a Christmas vortex.

I love Christmas and the entire holiday season. But it’s November and I’m not sure I can handle hearing “jingle bells” every time I need to run an errand.

Hearing Christmas songs before November or even Thanksgiving can be a major stressor for some people. Some psychologists insist that the songs can serve as a constant reminder of the endless “to-do” lists of the season, as well as stir up old memories that may be less than fond.

As these songs come on, some can begin to feel overwhelmed. This stress can take a toll. Holiday stress can make it difficult to sleep and can wear down your immune system.

It’s impossible to block out the sounds of the season, but here are some ideas to manage the stress:

  • Make sure you’re eating enough magnesium. Estimates suggest nearly 50 percent of American adults are deficient in magnesium, which plays a major role in relaxation and sleep.
  • Stay active. Getting outside for some fresh air and a few laps around the block—even in the cold—can help you de-stress and feel your best.
  • Ignore it. You don’t have to get involved in all things Christmas. Set a schedule that works for you and leaves you confident you’ll accomplish everything you need.
  • Shop online. If you can stay out of the shops, you’ll have a happier holiday. Buying gifts online for the next month can be a major source of relief—just don’t wait too long. Deliveries get backed up this time of year.
  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness may help deal with the stress when it hits to help slow things down and provide perspective.

Devon Andre holds a bachelor’s of forensic science from the University of Windsor in Canada and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh. This article was first published on Bel Marra Health.

Devon Andre
Devon Andre