Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach (Sneak Peak Preview)

January 3, 2016 Updated: January 4, 2016

The Must-See Series For All Parents-To-Be!

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Learn from the top OB/GYNs, midwives, pediatricians, scientists, psychologists, childbirth educators, sleep experts, and lactation specialists in the comfort of your own home.

Part I: Happy Healthy Pregnancy
Your Powerful Intuition
Chapter 1: Caring for Your Baby in Your Womb; Chapter 2: Happy Healthy Mother = Happy Healthy Baby; Chapter 3: Eating for Two – Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy; Chapter 4: Preparing for Your Labor and Birth; Chapter 5: Understanding the Birth Process; Chapter 6: The Hormones of Undisturbed Birth

Part II: Happy Healthy Birth
Creating Your Ideal Birth
Chapter 1: Building Your Birth Team – Midwives & OB/GYNs; Chapter 2: Doula Support; Chapter 3: Choosing Your Place to Birth; Chapter 4: Managing the Intensity of Labor

Part III: Happy Healthy Birth Continued
Common Interventions – Reasons & Research
Chapter 1: What is the Due Date?; Chapter 2: Elective Labor Induction; Chapter 3: Ruptured Membranes & Internal Exams; Chapter 4: Electronic Fetal Monitoring; Chapter 5: Epidural Analgesia; Chapter 6: Cesarean Section; Chapter 7: Episiotomy; Chapter 8: Immediate Cord Clamping at Birth; Birth of the Mother

Part IV: Happy Healthy Baby
Chapter 1: Initial Bonding at Birth: Chapter 2: Early Weeks as a New Parent; Chapter 3: Nurturing Your Baby; Chapter 4: Breastfeeding; Chapter 5: Infant Sleep, Co-Sleeping;
Chapter 6: Circumcision.

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