Hanoi Barber Offers Free ‘Trump’ and ‘Kim’ Haircuts in Support of Summit

February 26, 2019 Updated: March 8, 2019

Have you ever envied the iconic hairstyle of your favorite politician? Well, look no further than barber Le Tuan Duong of Hanoi, Vietnam, who is offering Donald Trump- and Kim Jong-un-inspired haircuts ahead of the February 2019 summit. The president of the United States and the North Korean leader meet on Feb. 27 and 28.

Donald Trump walks with Kim Jong-un at the Capella Hotel in Singapore on June 12, 2018 (©Getty Images | ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP)

This will be the second summit between the two leaders; they first met in Singapore in June of 2018 to discuss possible routes to peace and denuclearisation.

Duong’s unique shout-out to the presidential proceedings is taking place under the roof of Tuan Duong Beauty Academy in Hanoi, and the whimsical barber isn’t charging a penny. Customers can show their support for the summit and walk away with a Donald Trump-esque bleached ‘do or a Kim Jong-un style shave, absolutely free of charge.

Posted by Le Tuan Duong on Saturday, 23 February 2019

To achieve the idiosyncratic Trump style, Duong bleaches the hair to a sunny yellow-orange and teases the locks into an off-center parting. For those who preference Kim Jong-un’s signature short back and sides, Duong buzzes the sides short, keeps the top long, and coifs the iconic, cuboid pompadour with strong-holding hair wax.

“Hanoi is a city of peace,” Duong said. “When Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un decide to come here to talk about restoring peace, I think I should do something to show that Hanoi people welcome the summit.” Duong supports the intention of the upcoming summit: to improve relations between the United States and North Korea. And what better way to do that, as a barber, than with a visual nod to the two world leaders by emulating their signature hair?

Kim or Trump? Vietnam barber offers leaders' hairdos for free https://bit.ly/2GAwr5V #ThisAintItChief #WeirdNews

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Nine-year-old To Gia Huy spoke to the Associated Press: “Many people say that I look like Kim Jong-un,” he revealed, “especially when I have this hairstyle.” Huy is sometimes called “Un” by his teasing friends because of the uncanny resemblance. Huy stepped onto the barber’s chair for a full Kim Jong-un hair makeover, and the result was, indeed, uncanny.

“I feel happy with this haircut because people will think I look like the leader of North Korea,” Huy concluded, proudly.

Posted by Le Tuan Duong on Monday, 25 February 2019

Many customers besides young Huy have flooded to Duong’s salon for the unique experience. But what are they going for? The American bleached blonde, or the North Korean pompadour? Kim’s style is much more youthful, Duong admits, and is a “lot more popular among customers.” However, the U.S. president’s hairstyle is a statement of power, and increasingly popular among his older clientele.

The NY Post reported that the industrious barber approached a local man, 66-year-old Le Phuc Hai, and asked him whether he would model the Trump haircut. Duong would dye his hair back to its original color after the summit, he added. “I’m not afraid of this bright orange hair color,” Hai claimed, agreeing to the treatment. “I like Donald Trump’s haircut. It looks great and it fits my age.”

Barber gives free Pres. Trump and Kim Jong Un look-alike haircuts

WATCH: Pres. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will meet in Hanoi, Vietnam, next week for their second summit. At this salon in the city, anyone hoping to get either leaders' signature haircut can — for free.

Posted by CBS News on Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The passionate barber is hopeful about what the summit could bring: “I love peace. I hate war so much,” he shared. “I was doing this for fun only but was surprised at how people have responded.”

Duong will keep styling hair in the image of the two world leaders, for free, until the end of the summit.

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