Former President of Sculptors Society Savors the Delight and Refinement in Shen Yun

January 4, 2018

“It’s great. This is the second time I see it.”

“It is a shame that in China they cannot [see] it. But it is great. This is the history, the art, it’s very fine.”

“You have the choreography, plus you have the history of China, from [thousands years ago]. … The music is different, the instruments are different, the choreography is different. … It was a great performance.”

“It [portrays] gods, or god-like creatures, plus also it goes down to the rulers of China of the time, plus it goes down to regular people, soldiers … and ladies of the palace. You get all levels of society. … There’s a lot of refinement. It’s a delight.”

“There is a link between [the ancient Chinese culture and] the Greeks or the Romans from antiquity. We all have our myths or stories … the gods and the regular people. It makes it interesting.”