Former Dancer: Shen Yun is Visually Stunning

April 9, 2017

“[The show] is beautiful … [The dancers’] technique is quite different from ballet, so it is really interesting to look at from that perspective. The artistry and costume design, and the amazing CGI that is happening behind them, everything is really unique and wonderful, beautiful, and we are really enjoying it.”

“The music is wonderful. There is some instruments that sound very native to the Chinese culture that we are not familiar with, so that is fun to hear, different sounds.”

“The stories, wow, the one about the communist regime is really intense. It’s opening my eyes to think that [these things are] happening in China that we don’t really know about.”

“The computer-generated images, that is amazing. We love it when it looks like they were flying in the heavens and all the sudden they pop-up and land on stage. That is our favorite part. That is really neat. The costumes are by far my favorite of the whole show. The costume design is unbelievable.”

“[The persecution story] was the most emotional. Visually I liked the yellow flower dance. The sleeves, the long pink sleeves, and the last one, the drummers, that was really neat.”

“I would say [to my friends Shen Yun is a] visually stunning and quite emotional journey!”