5 Simple Tips to Enjoy Holiday Summer Food While Protecting Your Health

BY Mike Adams TIMEJuly 5, 2014 PRINT
By Mike Adams, editor of Natural News

In the United States of America, July 4th is a celebration of political independence from tyranny rule, but it’s also a holiday in which millions of Americans terrorize their own bodies with barbequed meats, aspartame-laced sodas and toxic sunscreen chemicals.

Here are five simple but powerful things you can do this weekend to protect your health while still enjoying the celebration!

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#1) Eat a Fresh Orange With Your Barbeque to Block the Carcinogens

Fresh oranges are high in natural vitamin C compounds that help block the cancer-causing effects of barbequed foods. When meat fat is burned to a crisp, it produces carcinogenic chemicals that promote colorectal cancer.

But protecting yourself from those cancer-causing chemicals is as easy as eating a fresh orange with your barbeque. In fact, any fresh fruit will assist in this way, including apples, pears and mangos. But oranges are the best at this, and be sure to eat whole oranges, not just orange juice (which lacks the same natural state of fresh oranges).

How many oranges should you eat? One for each barbeque serving or sandwich.

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#2) Take Vitamin C if You Eat Processed Meat

If you’re eating processed meat — usually hot dogs or sausages — you’re consuming a dangerous cancer-causing chemical compound called sodium nitrite. It’s listed right on the ingredients label, and it causes colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain tumors and leukemia.

Fortunately, sodium nitrite is at least partially blocked with high-density vitamin C. So if you’re eating hot dogs — and honestly that’s pretty gross to begin with — make sure you’re downing some high-quality vitamin C supplements to block the effects of the sodium nitrite.

Those of you who are superfood fans probably already know that Camu Camu is the best natural source of vitamin C, offering extremely high density that’s much higher than oranges.

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#3) Load Up on Antioxidants, Not Sunscreen

Beware of the toxic, cancer-causing chemicals in sunscreen products. Nearly all the popular brands contain cancer-causing chemicals, so if you use sunscreen, make sure it’s an organic brand using truly natural ingredients.

Better yet, you can protect your skin from the inside out by taking fat-soluble antioxidants, either through supplements or food. Astaxanthin, in fact, is one of the most famous “internal sun blocker” supplements in the world. Taken with dietary fats (such as barbeque), it also helps block the oxidation damage caused by eating unhealthy foods.

Chlorella and spirulina are other superfoods that deliver high antioxidant potency to your skin. By taking these supplements on a regular basis, you are enhancing your skin’s natural resistance to UV rays, creating a stronger internal sunscreen.

Obviously, this takes time to build up in your skin. You can’t just slam a few supplements and then fry yourself in the sun for eight hours and expect to be immune to UV rays. This is especially true if you have delicate, pale skin that’s rarely exposed to sunlight. So use some common sense and caution in all this. Carry a long-sleeved shirt and a large hat, too, just in case you hit your “sun limit” and need to cover up.

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#4) Drink Tea Instead of Soda

Holiday weekends are big on soda consumption, but nearly all popular sodas are made with either High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) or aspartame, a toxic chemical sweetener.

This year, skip the soda and switch to tea instead. Of course, watch out for pre-sweetened teas that also contain HFCS. The best tea is tea you make yourself and sweeten with honey, palm sugar or stevia (or a combination of all three).

Also beware that some teas contain toxic heavy metals like lead. To protect yourself from lead in tea, check out Heavy Metals Defense, invented right here at Natural News. It captures 99.9% of lead and also blocks cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, uranium and more.

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#5) Start Every Meal With a Salad or Fresh Fruit

Want to eat LESS of the bad stuff and MORE of the good stuff? It’s simple: Start every meal with a salad or one whole fresh fruit (such as an apple).

This simple step will not only fill your belly; it also creates a fiber matrix in your digestive tract that tends to bind with any toxins found in the foods you’re consuming. The more fiber you eat before consuming harmful foods (such as burned meat fat or commercial potato chips), the better protection your digestive system will have.

Bonus: These 5 Common Summer Food Ingredients Actually Have Healing Powers!

There are five more things you need to know about summer holiday eating, and this information can help you prevent cancer and more:

1) MUSTARD is loaded with natural antioxidants. It’s made from the mustard seed, a natural Ayurvedic medicine with amazing benefits for your liver. Load up on the mustard! Click here to read more details on the amazing healing powers of mustard.

2) RAW ONIONS, often used on barbeque sandwiches, are loaded with anti-cancer nutrients including quercetin. Any time you get the chance, eat more raw onions (your spouse will love you for it!).

3) FRESH PICKLES are one of the healthiest summer foods you’ll find. Made from cucumbers, pickles deliver almost zero calories while imparting some healthy plant-based nutrients. Just watch out for store-bought pickles made with artificial yellow coloring chemicals which are extremely common in non-organic pickle brands. Choose organic instead.

4) COLE SLAW is a super healthy summer holiday food because it’s made from fresh cabbage, a natural anti-cancer food. Load up on the cole slaw and you’ll send a surge of anti-cancer cabbage juice through your entire digestive tract. You’ll probably need it, too, because of all those cancer-causing hot dogs you’re about to snarf in a hot dog eating contest…

5) FRUIT SALADS can really be quite healthy, but avoid fruit salads made with marshmallows. Only in America, it seems, is fresh fruit not sweet enough all by itself, so locals tend to throw in a bag of marshmallows when making this popular pot luck sugar bomb. (Seriously? Mashmallows?) Stick to fresh fruit, and if you have a choice, go for fruit salads containing blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, as those fruits tend to have far higher nutritional density than apples, pears and pineapples.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and keep it safe and healthy at the same time!

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