Driver Sees Critically Injured Dog Dumped in Plastic Bag by 3 Men, Calls Rescuers

December 18, 2020 Updated: December 18, 2020


A Malaysian delivery driver was disgusted to witness three men dumping a dog in a plastic bag at a communal trash-collection point. The injured dog, which was left to die, found its savior in the delivery driver, who called a local animal rescue group for help.

Rozaidi Hashim, 50, witnessed the heartless act at the 12th milestone of Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, reported the Malaysian online news website The Star.

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(Courtesy of MDDB)

Hashim told the outlet that the three men had driven up in a truck and left the injured dog tied up in a transparent plastic bag.

“They dumped the dog and took off,” he said. “I rushed to the dog and noticed that it had a massive wound in its neck.

“I was almost in tears seeing the scrawny dog’s pitiful condition. How could people dump a sick dog like garbage?” Hashim said.

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(Courtesy of MDDB)

Hashim managed to record the truck’s license plate number before the men drove away, according to the report. He untied the bag and offered the terrified dog some water before calling the local animal group, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB); the rescue group sent a volunteer to the scene.

By the time the rescuer arrived, the injured pup, an adult female, had sought refuge beneath a drain, necessitating the help of the local fire department to get her out.

The dog was then taken to a veterinary clinic in Puchong, where a vet discovered a tight chain might have initially caused the canine’s now-maggot-infested neck wound. The dog was also undernourished, emaciated, and anemic.

MDDB staffers named her Rozi.

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(Courtesy of MDDB)

Hashim, having borne witness to Rozi’s abandonment, lodged a police report at the Bukit Sentosa police station in Rawang, where the Selangor Department of Veterinary Services will deliberate on a course of action, reported The Star.

“You can lodge the report at your nearest police station,” MDDB Director Irene Low told the outlet, adding that she hopes other local animal lovers would follow suit.

“We must ensure this atrocity and act of extreme cruelty toward the dog is addressed,” Low added.

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(Courtesy of MDDB)

MDDB took to social media to share Rozi’s heartbreaking tale. Sharing the shocking photos of Rozi’s severe injury, MDDB informed its followers that the dog needs to spend a “considerable time at the vet.”

On Dec. 9, the group shared an update: “Rozi, who hit the headlines recently after being tied in a plastic bag and dumped, is doing well. Still a little wary of people, though.”

Hundreds of supporters left messages of love and encouragement for the hardworking rescue group, thanking them, and Hashim, for saving Rozi’s life and hoping for a legal resolution.

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