Dog Won’t Let Dad Cut His Nails, So He Comes Up With Genius Grooming Hack

July 3, 2019 Updated: July 9, 2019

Most dogs have an irrational fear of health and hygiene routines, such as bath time, or going to the vet, and it’s an endless source of both entertainment and aggravation for their owners.

There is the terror of taking doggy medicine, brushing their teeth … and then there is the ultimate terror for many dogs of getting their nails clipped.

At the mere sound of clippers, dogs will flee and hide, throw howling tantrums, and resist, glued to the floor, to the bitter end.

All of this hassle and protesting presents opportunities for incredible innovation and invention in order to get the job done.

The whole internet now knows about the “Lick Lick Pad” (it sticks to the tile wall of your bathtub, and by having peanut butter smeared all over it, it ensures that your dog will find endless distraction in cleaning it off while you clean him off without him even noticing).

Necessity is the mother of all invention.

As far as clipping nails goes, just ask Kendal Peifer how her dad rigged up a purse and a chin-up bar to render their dog completely immobile for the duration of his grooming session.

The ingenious dad bought a new purse just for the purpose of this diabolical device. By cutting five holes in the base of the purse, he places their pooch inside with his head and four legs sticking out of the bottom.

Then, he “cruelly” hoists the whole contraption, dog and all, up into the air and loops the purse straps over the chin-up bar fixed in one of their doorways. The pooch hangs helplessly with no means of escape.

All of this torture didn’t stop Kendal from snapping a couple of photos, though. Her dad looks quite pleased with himself. In the second shot, we see him going to town on poochie’s paws with a pair of clippers and a headlamp, no less!

After these top-notch “dad hack” pics were posted on Twitter, they went viral, garnering nearly 330,000 likes with over 80,000 people retweeting them to date.

And literally thousands of Twitter users left comments below her post. Here are just a few hilarious examples:

Brianna was more than a little impressed with this dad’s getup. “HE GOT THE HEADLAMP TOO!!! such a dad thing omg dyin,” she wrote.

Several people captioned what poochie must have been thinking while trapped in a purse by her human. Katherine wrote, “Thou hath forsaken me.”

There were even a few people who came up with a similar sort of rig with their own dogs. Jess posted this photo:

Here’s another one posted by Karlie:

Several Twitter users shared their own dogs’ hygiene routine phobias. Michelle wrote, “That’s fantastic! Leo needs this for getting his teeth brushed — he HATES it :(”

Sarah expressed how she thoroughly enjoyed Kendal’s post in her comment: