Doctors, Scientists Call on Mississippi Officials to Take COVID Vaccines Off the Market

JACKSON, Miss.—The group of physicians, vaccine-injured people, and whistleblowers speaking at the Mississippi Capitol building on Monday and Tuesday weren’t asking state officials to cease all COVID-19 vaccinations and to convene a grand jury to investigate its rollout in the state.

They were demanding it.

“Stop the shots” was the refrain of those who had treated COVID patients over the last three years and those injured by the vaccine.

On Monday and Tuesday, the medical freedom organization MS Against Mandates (MAM) held the Mississippi Medical Freedom Conference in Jackson, Mississippi, which included over a dozen physicians, several whistleblowers, six physician-confirmed vaccine-injured patients, and two parents whose sons died after receiving the vaccines.

Dr. John Witcher is the co-founder and former president of MAM. He stepped back from the leadership position to focus on his run for Mississippi governor in the 2023 gubernatorial election.

MAM orchestrated the event that gave a voice to many who are being silenced in media and the medical community, such as Dr. Peter McCullough, a practicing internist and cardiologist in Dallas who is also the national medical adviser for MAM.

McCullough told The Epoch Times that the purpose of the three-and-a-half-hour roundtable—chaired by Republican state Rep. Randy Boyd—was primarily to educate Mississippi officials about safety concerns regarding the vaccine.

“The state must pull these products off the market,” McCullough said. “There can be no more administration of the COVID-19 vaccines in the state of Mississippi.”

McCullough, author of “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex,” said the essential problem with the vaccines is the safety concern for the large number of people who have taken them without informed consent about adverse events.

“The CDC now says 92 percent of Americans have taken at least one shot and that 79 percent have taken two shots,” McCullough said. “If there are safety concerns, that’s a problem because the denominator is so big.”

Because of those large numbers, any rare side effect isn’t rare from a safety perspective and, as was heard in the testimonies, there are concerns that the state officials haven’t kept track of the full number of the injuries and has even undercounted them, McCullough said.

In Mississippi, which represents under 1 percent of the U.S. population, McCullough estimated that there are several hundred people who have been injured by the vaccines and that some have died from the vaccines.

“That’s several hundred too many, and it didn’t need to happen,” McCullough said. “None of this needed to happen.”

Community Standard of Care

Physicians like Witcher and others on the panel have reported that their state health officials have only recited federal talking points instead of allowing them to cultivate what McCullough called their own “community standard-of-care,” which McCullough said is intended to evolve over time.

“The community standard of care always comes from the doctors who are treating the patients,” McCullough said. “Under no circumstances does it come from federal or state agencies, pharmaceutical companies, or even from hospitals or hospital systems. It comes from the doctors in the field who are learning how to treat their patients based on the medical literature, clinical judgment, and the differences in the community.”

This is why McCullough said each state needs its own doctor-in-charge, like in Florida, where Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has refuted federal guidelines handed down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Dr. Anthony Fauci when he was director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“We’re seeing how valuable it is for a state to have its own independent thinker who is not biased, influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, or influenced by any state or federal public health agency,” McCullough said.

A doctor-in-charge in Mississippi would have acted as the representative for state officials to hear the testimonies given in the state Capitol on Monday, McCullough said.

“The state of Mississippi needs an independent thinker who can attend medical panels like this, take them under consideration, and provide advising to the attorney general,” McCullough said. “In this case, it would be to get the vaccines off the market.”

If Witcher were to become governor, he said he would create a position for a state surgeon general, and McCullough said he would “entertain the appointment as a doctor and a public figure.”

Noticeably, the Capitol chamber where the roundtable convened was absent of lawmakers—aside from Boyd—which McCullough said wasn’t surprising, as he’s seen it “over and over again.”

“The fear among legislators on both the state and federal levels is extraordinary,” McCullough said. “This is the biggest thing that’s happened to our country over the last three years in modern history and you’d think they’d be interested to hear from doctors who traveled from far distances and who have vast experience in this. It’s not for my benefit. It’s for their benefit, and it’s extremely disappointing that they found something else that they thought was a higher priority.”

Epoch Times Photo
Dr. Peter McCullough speaks at the Mississippi Capitol about COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in Jackson, Miss., on Feb. 27, 2023. (Courtesy of Charlotte Stringer Photography)

 ‘Grossly Misled’ 

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reflects an “embarrassing gross underestimate of what is happening in America,” McCullough told the audience in the Capitol chambers.

“Through Feb. 17, 2023, the CDC is verifying that 16,967 Americans have died shortly after the vaccine,” McCullough said. “Most of these deaths occur on the day they took the shot or the next few days afterward.”

There are 16,342 permanently disabled Americans in VAERS, he added, while 372,770 have been hospitalized for vaccine injuries, he said.

“Our CDC V-Safe data—which is the patient-reported data on the cell phone—has revealed that 7 to 8 percent of people who take the vaccine within a day or two have to go to the ER for acute care,” McCullough said.

In Mississippi, this means there are hundreds of Mississippians who have died from the vaccine or are now disabled, he said.

Despite this, federal and state agencies continue to advocate for the vaccines and underreport their side effects, he said, even after federal agencies like the CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have acknowledged their adverse events.

The question is, McCullough said, who in Mississippi has known about the injuries, and what was done about it.

“If you have a product that you use in your state that has this type of safety track record, there is a fiduciary responsibility lawmakers have to protect the people from further harm,” McCullough said. “That’s why we are here today. The people of this state have been grossly misled on the COVID-19 vaccines.”

‘This Is Not Normal’

Janci Lindsay, a Texas-based molecular biologist and biochemist, addressed the room after McCullough, stating that she’s seen an increase in immune system impairment, as well as an explosion in autoimmunity, a decrease in fertility, and an increase in stillbirth and miscarriage.

Among the lies the public was told about the vaccines was that they were not gene therapies (GTs), she said.

“I can tell you that these genetic vaccines are in fact gene therapies,” Lindsay said. “What does that mean? That means you are injected with a genetic sequence that causes your human cells to make a foreign viral protein and display it on the surface of your cells for your body to then mount an immune reaction against those proteins on your cells.”

Another lie was that the gene therapies would stay in the arm, she said.

“These GTs travel everywhere in the body to all organs, to all cells,” Lindsay said. “They even pass to your brain, into your bone marrow, and into your testes and ovaries.”

From her research, she said it’s probable—not just possible—that men who have received these shots are passing the GTs to their partners as well as their progeny either directly or by way of sperm-mediated gene transfer, Lindsay said.

“Birth rates are plummeting and reports of miscarriages and stillbirths are increasing worldwide among those who have received these GTs,” Lindsay said.

The longer the genetic sequences in the nucleus, the higher the chance it will be integrated into the genome, causing mutagenesis leading to an explosion in cancers, which she said are already being reported by multiple oncologists as well as pathologists.

“Now children around the world are having heart attacks and strokes and dying in their sleep. This is not normal,” she said. “And the CDC and FDA are nowhere to be seen. We must protect Mississippi and we must protect our children. We must stop these shots.”

‘Nothing Short of Catastrophic’

Dr. James Thorp, a Florida-based OB-GYN who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, supported Lindsay’s findings on the dangers of the vaccine on pregnant women, stating that what he’s found is “nothing short of catastrophic.”

“It’s extremely dangerous to pregnancy,” he said.

The FDA and CDC consider a twofold increase in adverse events to be a danger, Thorp said.

“So, we compared the COVID-19 vaccines over 18 months to the influenza vaccines over 282 months,” he said.

Thorp said menstrual abnormalities are 1,200 times higher, miscarriages are 57 times higher, and fetal deaths are 38 times higher, along with increases in 15 other serious pregnancy complications.

“This is not Jim Thorp data,” he said. “This is your data from your government, from the CDC and the FDA, and they’re still pushing this vaccine.”

Epoch Times Photo
Dr. James Thorp and molecular biologist Janci Lindsay address COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in pregnant women and infants at a round table discussion at the Mississippi Capitol in Jackson, Miss., on Feb. 27, 2023. (Courtesy of Charlotte Stringer Photography)

‘Never Seen Anything Like This’

Dr. Reni Moon, a board-certified pediatrician based in Washington state, addressed the implementation of the children’s vaccine program. She said children were at statistically zero risk of becoming ill with COVID-19.

Moon said that she and other health care workers with whom she’s communicated are seeing an uptick in myocarditis in children as well as a “clear increase in health issues in young people that are very unusual.”

“We’ve never seen anything like this in our careers,” Moon said.

Increase in Cancer

Dr. Jeffrey Howard, a Mississippi-based diagnostic and interventional radiologist and the president of MS Against Mandates, said he had a unique perspective on what took place in his community after the vaccine rollout because of the large number of patient studies he interpreted.

Howard began seeing a significant increase in side effects such as stroke, myocarditis, heart attack, arrhythmia, neurological disorders, and sudden death, he said.

“As the vaccination campaign continued throughout 2022, I have observed a sizable increase in the number of various types of cancers, including the dramatic increase in very rare types of cancers,” Howard said, which he added is also being reported by his colleagues.

Many of these patients are being diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer at a younger age, he said.

“Why? We believe that this is related to the damage these gene-altering shots are having on the immune system,” Howard said.

Epoch Times Photo
(L–R) Nurse Kimberly Overton, VAERS Whistleblower Deborah Conrad, Dr. Jeffrey Howard, Dr. Reni Moon, and Dr. James Thorp discuss COVID-19 vaccine adverse events at the Mississippi Capitol in Jackson, Miss., on Feb. 27, 2023. (Courtesy of Charlotte Stringer Photography)

‘An Astonishingly Bad Idea’

Dr. Christina Parks, a Michigan-based cellular and molecular biologist who did her graduate work in cytokine signaling, followed Howard.

“The degree that I hold is very much involved with how to manipulate genetic material as was done in the production of these new gene transfer vaccines for COVID,” Parks said.

While there has been much media focus on gain-of-function research to create a more virulent strain of SARS-CoV-2, Parks said it appears “we’ve missed seeing the hazard and immorality of using gene-transfer technology for vaccines.”

“The issue that we really need to be focusing on is why our scientists and governments decided to force millions, if not billions, of people to inject a product that forces the body to produce a toxic foreign viral protein that is known to cause all of the deleterious effects of COVID?” Parks asked. “Why would we have our cells produce this when we knew that the immune system would see cells that are producing this spike protein as a foreign invader and attack them? You don’t need a Ph.D. to recognize that this is an astonishingly bad idea.”

‘Free of Adverse Events’

Dr. Robert Corkern said that in November 2020, he began treating COVID-19 patients who had comorbidities in what he called the underserved region of the Delta in Greenville, Mississippi. He used early treatment protocols, including ivermectin, that led to a rate of zero mortality and ICU admission for his patients.

“Today, I’ve treated over 10,000 COVID patients,” Corkern said. “Still, no ICU admissions or deaths.”

Corkern reported that in his clinical observation, natural immunity has given more effective protection against COVID-19 than the vaccines, adding that natural immunity itself is “free of adverse events.”

“It’s much more effective than immunity from vaccines,” Corkern said. “In low-risk populations such as infants and children, it’s difficult to justify incurring risk from vaccination to combat a threat that is nonlethal to begin with.”

Corkern added that there are many lessons to be learned from what went wrong in the response to COVID.

“Perhaps the most egregious to me was the actual shutting down of collegial discourse among physicians, labeling all conclusions different from the majority as misinformation,” Corkern said. “Many lives would have been saved if voices were not censored.”

A Physician Maligned

Dr. David Calderwood, a physician based in Huntsville, Alabama, faced what Corkern described regarding media censorship and attacks.

Epoch Times Photo
On the steps of the Mississippi Capitol building, Dr. John Witcher (back L) stands with people who have either been injured by or have had family members die from the COVID-19 vaccine, in Jackson, Miss., on Feb. 28, 2023. (Courtesy of Charlotte Stringer Photography)

Despite this, Calderwood said he’s successfully treated over 500 patients using a multidrug therapy that includes hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and he said he’s only lost one patient.

What he said he’s found in his clinical observations of the COVID-19 vaccines is that they’re exactly the opposite of what’s been advertised.

“These vaccines are the most unsafe and ineffective vaccines that have ever come to market,” Calderwood said. “Almost three times as many deaths and permanent disabilities have been reported through the VAERS system than from all other vaccines in history.”

The meeting in the chamber was followed by a press conference on Tuesday on the Capitol building’s steps, where the assembly continued their call for transparency and the removal of the vaccines from the market.

“People are being injured and dying suddenly from these shots, and the state needs to recognize it,” Witcher said.

Correction: A previous version of this article misquoted Dr. Peter McCullough’s statement about V-Safe data, specifically the percentage of people who reported going to the emergency room after receiving the vaccine. The Epoch Times regrets the error.

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