10 DIY Projects for Kids This Holiday

December 25, 2013 Updated: December 25, 2013

It isn’t always easy to find creative things for kids to do over the holidays. Here are some easy do-it-yourself projects that should be realistic to tackle. Even if you don’t have some supplies in the house, they’re all easy to pick up at your closest store. 


1. Snow Sleds

If you got a good dump of snow but haven’t got a sled on hand, no problem. It’s easy to make one from something you probably have lying around the house. 

2. Snow Globe

However, if snow doesn’t happen to fall in front of your house, don’t fret. Make your own snow happen. 

3. Glitter Candles

Now that Christmas is coming to an end, the fun moves to preparing for the New Year’s. Here is a decoration idea for around the house that your kids could try. 

4. Record Your Own Holiday Song

This may not be the typical DIY project, but how about recording your own song for the holidays. You can use whatever instruments you already have in the house or make your own. Here are lots of examples to get you going. 

5. Dog Toys

If your kids are bored and the dog is also just sitting around, here are some ideas they can work on together. 

6. Card for Mom

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to tell mom how great she is, here’s a template for a fun news bulletin about mom you can print out and complete and make mom proud. 

7. Stuffed Animals

This one takes a bit more investment from mom or dad, but what kid wouldn’t love a stuffed animal they helped make themselves? 

8. Tie Dye Shirts

While the kids are on holiday break, this may be the perfect opportunity for them to learn how to make tie dye shirts that they can wear next year to show off their talents. 

9. Pretzel House

Build your own version of a gingerbread house, using Pretzels. All you need are pretzels, a plate, and some frosting to stick them together. 

10. Snow Paint

This may get a little messy, but if you didn’t get snow over the holidays, how about making your own?