Former Dancer Says Shen Yun Is Transformational

February 21, 2018

“I love it. [The dancing] is wonderful. It’s so much work. … It’s beautiful.”

” You could tell they put their heart and soul in it.”

“[The dancers] have such flexibility, and they have a gymnastic element as well in it, something that you don’t see in the dance world. They’re quite well trained.”

“It’s inspirationa!.”

“Not everyone can travel, and this is a way of allowing people to see [a different culture]. It connects the cultures together because there’s dance in every culture.”

“It does give you insight into a different world.”

“Positive and uplifting. Hopeful, bright, the colours are inspirational. Moving.”

“It’s very spiritual. That was a surprise. I liked that. … It makes a person introspective.[Shen Yun] makes you look outside on the stage to look inside yourself.”

“You have to experience it. … I do recommend it. I would tell [people] to come down and take a look at the show. It’s wonderful.”

“These dancers work very, very hard. They work very hard to put the show together, and you can tell. It’s transformational!”