Coke or Pepsi? Now There’s a Smart Cup That Can Tell What You’re Drinking

By Patricia Dao,
June 26, 2014 Updated: June 26, 2014

A scanner to find out what’s in your food? Check. Apps to find organic products? Check. Fitness tracker to measure how many steps you take? Check. With all the apps and gadgets that can help you stay fit and encourage you to put down the Krispy Kreme doughnut, living a health-conscious lifestyle has become easier than ever. But what about a cup that can tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke? Thanks to the Vessyl smart cup, that exists now too.

Although there are several health apps available that consumers can manually plug in to track what they drink, with the Vessyl, you need only pour a liquid into it. The Vessel’s sensor technology breaks down the fluid to a molecular level, instantly detects the beverage type, and displays it on the side of the cup.

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