Coffee and Clear Thinking

October 11, 2014 Updated: October 11, 2014

 You should not drink coffee just because a study from the University of California, San Diego, shows that women who drink coffee regularly are smarter than those who do not drink coffee.

The authors followed 1500 elderly women and showed that higher lifetime coffee consumption was associated with better performance on most of the twelve tests. They did not find this association in men, even though men drink far more coffee than women do. They did not find an association of higher intelligence with tea, colas or chocolate, even though all these also contain caffeine. And they showed an association in women between lifetime coffee drinking and intelligence, not current coffee drinking.

Other studies have shown that drinking coffee is associated with increased risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, aging, and osteoporosis, but no studies show that coffee causes these diseases. This study should not change your coffee drinking habits or make you believe that you will get smarter if you drink more coffee.

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