Chiropractic: More Time, Money, Energy, and a Fuller Life

March 18, 2015 Updated: March 18, 2015

Is it really possible to have it all? Many of us have grown up believing that when you have free time, you’re short on money, because usually if you have free time you’re unemployed. The opposite is also commonly believed, that when you’re busy making money, there’s no time for fun, and if you do have fun, you’re short on energy afterward.

There is a way to change time, money, energy, and your life from finite entities to much greater possibilities. Believe it or not, chiropractic can help in all these areas.


Take time, for example. No matter how rich or poor, young or old, we each have 24 hours in a day—minus the time we spend sleeping. This can range from 5-10 hours per night. Depending on your quantity and quality of sleep, you may not be well-rested for the next day. This means your efficiency at planning and executing tasks the nest day can drop as much as 75 percent.

Adding to that, your immune system and healing depend on your getting adequate rest, so you may be at higher risk for getting sick or take longer to heal from a sickness or injury. Sickness and injury also reduce your effectiveness at getting things done.

Chiropractic helps by facilitating nerve flow between your brain and body and improving joint mobility.

When life’s challenges feel overwhelming or frustrating, one can’t help but feel stress. During stressful periods, the brain is more reactive than pro-active. This makes it harder to see the big picture, thus one may be less likely to choose the better path when the worse path looks easier. Chiropractic care, even though it can take time out of your day, helps you have more time in three ways:

  • Your sleep can improve when chiropractic care reduces pain, improves breathing, and relaxes your mind.
  •  Your immune system and healing are supported with chiropractic care.
  • You can think clearer and handle stresses better with chiropractic, because the nerves are functioning better.


Money is another area that doesn’t have to be limited. To attract wealth, one must be positive, open to opportunities (ideas), willing to take action, and effective in performing the needed actions. People who are negative believe there is no hope and would bypass any opportunities presented to them. Even if someone wants to do what it takes, but isn’t effective at what they need to do, they may be just spinning their wheels.

Chiropractic helps by facilitating nerve flow between your brain and body and improving joint mobility. As each of your joints move better (especially after years of accumulated scar tissue and reduced mobility), more endorphins get released and it’s easier to be happier and optimistic.

You’ll see opportunities that you didn’t know existed and take more chances. Even better, your body and mind will be working more efficiently so you can do more necessary and fun tasks, and do them better, so you can get better results. This works with work, school, sports, family, hobbies and even housework. Over time, with repeated success in life’s tasks, more wealth (including money) can be accumulated.


Energy is the capacity, fuel, or resources needed for vigorous activity or work. Without sufficient energy, nothing can get done. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, there is energy (qi, pronounced “chi”) around us, in us, and in all matter, to some degree or other. Living things have the most energy, dead things less. Inanimate natural substances (metal, rock, etc.) even less. Artificial substances (plastic, polyester, etc.) are so deficient in qi that they can suck from your storage of qi. Negative people can have the same effect.

Chiropractic aims to reduce interference with nerve flow (subluxation) which will help your energy flow with more ease. Along with lifestyle choices (eating nourishing foods, meditating, resting, exercising, choosing natural products in your work and home, and minimizing time spent with negative people), you can restore and increase your energy and accomplish more in a day with greater ease.

The combination of more time, wealth, and energy can’t help but bring about a better, fuller life. With continued chiropractic care, the accumulated benefits help people feel better, look younger, and have the capacity to do the things they love for a much longer time. It’s your choice, and chiropractic—especially wellness chiropractic—can help.

Sabrina Chen-See is a pediatric and family wellness chiropractor based in Vancouver. She is a firm believer in making positive contributions to society, and regularly volunteers her time and chiropractic skills for community and charitable events. Website: Phone: (604) 566 9088.