CEO Feels Proud After Seeing Chinese Culture Presented in Shen Yun

March 16, 2017

“As a Chinese, I am proud to see such performance touring the world.” 


“I was so touched by this performance that was so vivid and alive. It has incorporated 5,000 years of Chinese culture within the dance. And through the dance, it connects with our hearts, making all of us Chinese very honored.” 


“The cultural element within Shen Yun has a positive effect on the society. Nowadays, it is very rare that we have a cultural and spiritual experience that makes us feel that we are part of the story.” 


“The program “Monkey King at Fire Mountain” is a story that we all know about since childhood. However, the same story, after being performed on stage and on the animated backdrop, brought back so many of our childhood memories of the Princess of the Iron Fan and the Monkey King.” 

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