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Video: Facts Matter (Dec. 23): How Soon Are $2,000 Checks Coming?; Timeline of Stimulus Bill
Facts Matter (Dec. 22): Big ‘Wild’ Protest Coming to DC; The 1776 Commission: Patriotic Education Explained
Video: Facts Matter (Dec. 21): Trump’s New Election Strategy
Video: Facts Matter (Dec. 18): Insurrection Act of 1807 Explained
Video: Facts Matter (Dec. 17): Election Interference, China, Iran, Russia Called Out
Facts Matter (Dec. 16): Judge Orders 50% Inmates Freed, Sheriff Refuses to Comply; Religious Freedom Wins
Video: Facts Matter (Dec.15): The Real Reason That Barr ‘Resigned’
Video: Facts Matter (Dec.14): Forensic Exam Reveals Serious Problems
Video: Facts Matter (Dec. 10): 17 States Support Texas Supreme Court Case
Facts Matter (Dec. 9): No More Talk of ‘Widespread Election Fraud,’ Says YouTube
Facts Matter (Dec. 8): Texas Sues 4 States Over Election in Supreme Court
Facts Matter (Dec. 7): Trump Team Begins a Forensic Exam in Michigan
Facts Matter (Dec. 4): Vote Counts Altered on USB Drives
Facts Matter (Dec. 3): Boxes of Ballots Scanned Without Observers
Facts Matter (Dec. 2): 280,000 Ballots Go Missing in Pennsylvania
Facts Matter (Dec. 1): Election Raffles Exposed
Facts Matter (Nov. 30): Zuckerberg’s $400 Million Election Bid
Facts Matter (Nov. 27): Georgia: 30 Allegations of Voter Fraud
Facts Matter (Nov. 26): Powell Files New Lawsuits in 2 States
Facts Matter (Nov. 25): Pennsylvania Judge Refuses to Certify
Facts Matter (Nov. 24): The 4-Year War Against Trump
Facts Matter (Nov. 23) Sidney Powell Splits From Trump’s Legal Team
Facts Matter (Nov. 20): Trump’s Game Plan to Win
Facts Matter (Nov. 19): Unusual Ballots ‘98% for Biden’
About the show
Facts Matter investigates complex issues, and then presents the findings in a way that is easy to understand. We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party. Our goal is to bring you accurate information so that you can form your own opinion, stay informed, and stay free.
About Roman Balmakov
Roman Balmakov is a Reporter with The Epoch Times and host of the show, “Facts Matter.” He has travelled around the country (as well as overseas) covering protests, riots, and elections. He is also the producer of many Epoch Times’ commercials, both on TV and social media.