Dear Next Generation: How to Bring Light to a Dark World

Dear Next Generation: How to Bring Light to a Dark World
Camp Fire girls on a hike. (Public domain)

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I was a Camp Fire girl in 1965. When we met, we recited the Law of the Camp Fire Girls: “Worship God, Seek Beauty, Give Service, Pursue Knowledge, Be Trustworthy, Hold on to Health, Glorify Work, Be Happy.” These verbs point to what is missing in today’s world. Taking time to worship, seek, give, pursue, be, hold, and glorify is an honorable way to live.

Worshipping God puts Him above everything else. Reading and learning the truth from the Bible gives answers, direction, comfort, wisdom, and healing. It is our source.

(Public domain)
(Public domain)

Seeking beauty, not in ourselves but in those around us and in His creation, puts life in perspective. How many of you can create a rose, or give life to a baby?

Giving to others reminds us of our own blessings, which results in thankfulness. Many people think they “deserve” this or that. Commercials often tell us to buy this or join an organization and get what we deserve. If anyone has traveled to other nations, they would see how blessed we are in America. Giving of our time, wealth, experience, and knowledge grows a spirit of gratitude in your own heart. The more you give the easier it becomes. Don’t give to get something back. Give because it is the right thing to do.

Pursuing knowledge. Dig for the truth, verify your facts, don’t gossip, learn from past mistakes, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be willing to admit mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.

Be trustworthy, that says it all.

Camp Fire girls at Lake Sebago, near South Casco, Maine. (Public domain)
Camp Fire girls at Lake Sebago, near South Casco, Maine. (Public domain)

Hold on to health. Don’t worship your body, worship the one who created your body, and be a good steward of His gift. Stewardship means you are taking care of something that belongs to someone else. Eat right, sleep well, play often, enjoy others, and avoid addictions to anything that steals your time, money, dignity, and health.

Glorify work. Promote, dignify, increase, boost, and celebrate work. It is a privilege to be able to work. Our work shouldn’t overshadow all the other things in our life, but it should give us purpose to support our life. Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. Do your very best work no matter where you work.

Be happy. This is the end result of living by the Law of the Camp Fire girls. I see so many younger people, caught up in themselves, the world of the internet and cell phones, who are miserable. Turn off the electronics and seek to serve others. Not only will you be happy, but a deep sense of joy will fill your life.

Life is hard. It takes effort. Not everyone’s life has a happy ending, like the movies. But when you decide to use the verbs worship, seek, give, pursue, be, hold, and glorify as the action words in your life, you will become prosperous in God, beauty, service, knowledge, truth, health, and work. You will bring light to a dark world.

Lucy A. Keller


Life is hard; the only way to make it easier is to work harder.

If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember anything.

Life always goes better when you do things God’s way.

History didn’t start when you were born.

Virtual everything means you have nothing actual.

Jeffery Dunn


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