Boy, 7, Saves Mom From Aggressive Foster Dog Attack: ‘I Was Quick, Like Flash’

October 13, 2020 Updated: October 13, 2020

A 7-year-old’s quick-thinking saved his scared, injured mother in the aftermath of an unexpected dog attack.

The Michigan boy kept his cool, and now he’s being hailed as a hometown hero not only by his parents but also by the first responders who attended the scene.

Wyatt Musulin, from Monroe, has long known how to respond to a medical emergency as his mother, Jennifer, is a Type 1 diabetic, reported The Monroe News. Jennifer is also a school teacher and a seasoned volunteer dog fosterer.

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Wyatt Musulin (Courtesy of Jennifer Muz)

One day in late July, Jennifer called out to her son for help from the room where the foster dogs were housed.

“He was out the door so quick,” Jennifer told The Monroe News. “We’ve talked about what to do if I have a low blood sugar emergency, so he knew right away to get help when I yelled for him.”

Jennifer wasn’t having a diabetic episode, however. The mom had been attacked by one of the family’s fostered dogs.

Epoch Times Photo
Jennifer Musulin with her son, Wyatt. (Courtesy of Jennifer Muz)

“I’ve had well over 300 foster dogs with zero bites until this incident,” she said. “But I could tell she felt scared, and at that moment, I just knew she was going to break out [of her enclosure].”

Wyatt was elsewhere in the house. But upon hearing Jennifer’s cries for help, he ran to her, then to a neighbor’s house, knocking and ringing on the door until someone answered, the report said.

“I told the neighbor to call 911,” Wyatt said. “I told her everything she needed to know.”

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(Courtesy of Jennifer Muz)

Monroe Community Ambulance (MCA) medics and firefighters from the Monroe Township Fire Department responded within minutes. Jennifer said the paramedics made “such a huge difference” in the aftermath of the sudden attack.

“They calmed me down and kept me from being in a total panic,” she recalled.

The mom was taken to the hospital to have numerous wounds on her legs, arms, and hands treated. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Not only did the MCA paramedics follow up with the Musulins after Jennifer had recovered, but they also presented Wyatt with a “Life Saving Award” in recognition of his smart, level-headed actions.

Meeting with the medics, said Jennifer, was a positive, therapeutic experience for her son, the report said. He was rightly proud of himself and expressed excitement to regale his experience during “show and share” at school.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Jennifer Muz)

“I was quick, like Flash,” Wyatt told WTVG, referring to the DC Comics superhero whose special skill is moving faster than a bolt of lightning.

“I love my mom even more than the last number on Earth,” he added.

Wyatt’s mother and father reinforced their pride in their son, telling him that he had done the right thing. But validation from the professionals, said Jennifer, was worth its weight in gold to 7-year-old Wyatt.

“It was really cool for him,” she told WTVG. “I think it was validating because it was someone other than mom and dad saying, ‘You did right, you did a great job.’ It was the professionals who were really proud.”

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