BC Chiropractor Inspiring Patients to Contribute Food to ‘One Tonne Challenge’

Patients get a free initial examination with a minimum 10 lb. food donation for food bank
February 9, 2016 Updated: February 9, 2016

A Vancouver chiropractor has kicked off a food drive to help the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. The goal is to donate one metric tonne—1,000 kgs (2205 lbs)—of food to the food bank, and so far, Dr. Sabrina Chen-See’s patients have been giving generously.
“I’m told by the food bank that there is a great need for food donations between New Year’s Day and Easter. At this time of year, the shelves can get quite bare,” says Dr. Chen-See, founder of Vancouver’s Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor.
Every year for the past five years, Dr. Chen-See’s patient community has come through with showing support for Vancouver’s needy.  In 2011, the office donated 828 lbs. of food. Last year, donations reached 2128 lbs. This year, they are well on their way to exceeding their goal of one metric tonne.
“We have a wonderful community here that supports our mission of Healthier People Creating a Healthier Planet,” says Dr. Chen-See.
In addition to helping the Food Bank, this food drive gives the public an opportunity to experience chiropractic with Dr. Chen-See. Until Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, her office is offering a free initial examination with a minimum 10 lb. food donation.  

“Our patients appreciate that the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society is volunteer-run and that all donations go directly to the people in need. The ultimate wish, however, is that there would be no need for food banks in the first place,” says Dr. Chen-See.
Dr. Chen-See’s humanitarian works extend beyond the local community. She has been working with the chiropractic humanitarian group “Love Has No Color” on a native reserve for years.

To contribute to the “One Tonne Challenge” Food Drive, visit Vancouver’s Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor at 750 West Broadway, suite 1110.  For hours and directions, visit: www. FamilyWellnessChiro.ca