Ask a Doctor: Is It Safe to Use a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement Long-Term?

Question: Do you think there are any long-term consequences of taking a supplement for joint support that contains 1,500 milligrams ginger, 140 milligrams turmeric, and 40 milligrams curcumin?

Dr. Ann Corson: This joint supplement contains a lot of anti-inflammatory substances. Remember, the body creates inflammation for a reason. Why do you have joint pain?

It is fine to take a supplement to reduce joint inflammation while you look for and eradicate the etiology [causes] of the joint inflammation. The body works best in balance and always strives for balance.

Pro-inflammation is balanced with anti-inflammation. When the body is out of balance, it is better to find the reason than to artificially try to rebalance it with anti-inflammatory supplements.

Dr. Ann Corson is a board-certified family-medicine and integrative-holistic- medicine doctor who specializes in treating chronically ill patients.

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