Amusing video shows cat lying contentedly on owner’s dashboard—feline comfortable! <3

December 2, 2017 Updated: December 23, 2017

Pets do the darndest things! This is so true with pets nowadays whether cats or dogs. This video of a cute cat lying on a car’s dashboard is truly adorable. She stares out of the window watching the world go by!

Rory, an 11-month-old tabby cat loves going on outings in her owner’s car and she has found her perfect spot—the dashboard!

On the video clip that has been viewed more than 35 million times on Facebook, Rory is seen lounging on the dashboard and looking straight up in the sky as trees and trucks on the highway move past her, as her “mom” drives down the interstate near Los Angeles.

Kelsey, her human commented on her Instagram page: “Rory literally just staring at the sky, pondering about her kitty life.”

Since the popularity of the video has gone to greater heights, Kelsey has had to make a separate Instagram page for Rory. On it, she shared: “I have such admiration for animals because of how fascinated they are by the things we take for granted every day,

“And yes I let my kitty lay on the dashboard, she’s my excuse to drive in the carpool lane.”

While some people would leave comments of how cute Rory is lying on the dashboard, some have shown concern as well as expressed worry. As one user’s comment said:

“I’m a little concerned here that no one has commented on the fact that the speedometer is in the 70s and there’s really people like this driving around with cats on their dashboards.”

Rory, through her “mom”, has responded to those who have shown great concern and have shared their fears. And this is one of her responses:

“As you can all tell, I love to lay on my ma’s dashboard. But don’t worry everybody we play it safe and drive weaaallly carefully.”