Airline Supervisor Overcome With Emotion at Shen Yun

February 22, 2017

“I didn’t know what to expect … but I was so overcome with emotion. This was so emotional, and it effected both my wife and I so deeply. The faith aspect that blended with dance, the emotion of the dancers and the music, it was just overwhelming. I would come back anytime to see this. It was wonderful—absolutely wonderful.”

“The animation, going from live to animation and back, it was so beautiful, and I happen to be a faithful person, too, and it reached me there, very much so.”


“There were a couple of dances there — you just couldn’t help but get emotional. I could feel the tears coming, and there were others that I was just laughing so hard and I just had so much emotion come out throughout that dance—it was just wonderful.”

“You could see the divine aspect of the culture, and it’s something that most Americans don’t know about. We only see the China that exists now, not the culture, not the centuries of culture behind it. And it’d be great for us to learn.”

“It gives me an interest to go further to learn, and that’s something I like to do anyway … and so this will give me an interest to learn more about China and its culture and its past.”

“I love the peacefulness of it. It brings you calmness about your heart, and I love that part. And even when it does get emotional, you do get back to the peaceful part, too. And the music was so beautiful.”