Abandoned Dog That Was Sick and Mange-Ridden Nursed Back to Health, Is Now Unrecognizable

May 19, 2020 Updated: May 19, 2020

When an abandoned puppy was rescued from a ditch in tragic condition on Christmas Eve 2019, her rescuers feared for her life. Five months on, however, the previously mangy and miserable pup is now barely recognizable and has found her forever home.

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A mange-ridden puppy when she was brought home on Christmas Eve of 2019. (Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

Lauren Buckley and Brooke Cole agreed to foster the sweet young puppy through Brown Dog Coalition in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Lauren, 27, later shared the moving rescue story on Love What Matters, starting at the very beginning.

“I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post about two abandoned dogs,” Lauren wrote. “The gentleman who found the dogs was begging for help. He had found them in a ditch down the road from his house and had no idea what to do with them.”

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Brooke Cole and Lauren Buckley fostered Lainey for a period of four months. (Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

Moved by their plight, Lauren and Brooke then canceled their New Year’s plans and stayed behind to help the two pitiful creatures, which they decided to name Lainey and Frankie. Lainey was worse off.

“She stunk,” Lauren admitted, “she couldn’t see, and she bled all over our couch.” Lauren and Brooke feared that Lainey’s condition would prove to be fatal. However, after making it to her first veterinary appointment, it soon became clear that the little dog had a huge fighting spirit.

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Lainey was in such poor condition that her rescuers were worried she wouldn’t even survive. (Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

Lauren later clarified on a Facebook post that Lainey had been diagnosed with demodectic mange—a red, itchy skin infection characterized by painful sores that are caused by mites—and secondary skin infections. The puppy had lost most of her fur as a result.

Lainey required frequent vet visits. Brown Dog Coalition, the volunteer-run, foster-based dog and cat group that supported Lainey’s rescue, paid for all of the little dog’s veterinary costs.

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(Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

“She took daily antibiotics and ivermectin,” Lauren explained to Bored Panda. “In addition, we gave her coconut oil in her food, applied it to her skin, and gave her twice-weekly medicated baths. We also did our best to keep her stress level low since demodex thrives on stress.”

With the right medical care, a safe home in which to recuperate, and all the love she could handle, Lainey’s condition slowly began to improve. Her cracked, bleeding skin started to heal, and her beautiful brown-tan fur started growing back in.

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Lainey started to make improvements. (Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

Describing Lainey as “funny,” and “loving,” Lauren lamented that the desperately sick dog had never had the chance to be a puppy. However, during her recovery, “that is exactly what she did and continues to do,” Lauren wrote on Love What Matters.

Four months after being found in a ditch on the brink of death, Lainey was in such good health and such good spirits that Lauren commenced searching for a permanent home for her. The timing proved perfect; a friend of Lauren and Brooke’s, named Kelly, was looking to adopt a dog.

Today’s the day! After spending the last four months together, Lainey heads to her forever home. On Christmas Eve, we…

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Kelly and her husband, Larry, from Smyrna in Georgia, had been following Lainey’s recovery journey on social media. They were smitten by the beautiful pup and moved by her story. Lainey went to her forever home on April 18, 2020.

The adoptive parents then changed Lainey’s name to Luna and introduced her to three new feline “siblings” at her brand-new home. Lauren described Luna’s new family as “incredible, kindhearted people who were smitten with Lainey from the get-go.”

“We could not have asked for a better family for her,” Lauren told Bored Panda.

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Lainey was nursed back to health. (Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

Reflecting on Luna’s journey on the day of her adoption, Lauren posted a montage of photos on Facebook. “[W]e would do it all again,” she wrote, “because today we get to send off a beautiful, spunky, sweet, healthy dog who has nothing but wonderful things in store for her.”

“Happy life, little girl,” she added. “We can’t wait to see what you have in store!”

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(Courtesy of Lauren Buckley)

On May 17, Brown Dog Coalition took to Facebook to share an update on Luna from her family, writing that the puppy is doing “great” and has even learned new techniques. In addition, Luna has adjusted to her feline friends and loves to snuggle.

“Luna has bouncy energy that is keeping me active and at the end of the day [..],” the post read. “We have come so far in such a short time that I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”