A Pill You Don’t Have to Swallow Could Be a Solution for Sleep Problems

By Patricia Dao, www.takepart.com

Had another night of tossing and turning? You’re not alone. Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. As a result, we rely so much on medications that will help us drift off to dreamland that emergency room visits due to overdoses doubled between 2005 and 2010. Given our issues, it’s no surprise that wearable fitness trackers that come with sleep-tracking capabilities are increasingly popular.

Here’s the downside of the devices: Trackers need to be worn all day and all night to get the right data. Strapping on a silicon bracelet while tucked comfortably in bed is doable, but not ideal. That’s where Sense, a new product from San Francisco–based Hello, comes in. The tiny tech gadget hopes to make sleep tracking a smart and seamless part of your bedroom routine so that you can get more rest.

 This article was originally published on www.takepart.com, August 21, 2014. Read the complete article here.