88-Yr-Old Granny Sings ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ as Grandson Plays the Piano

January 11, 2019 Updated: January 12, 2019

A young man sits behind a piano and plays the first few notes to the beautiful ballad “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. His silver-haired grandma sits in a wheelchair near him, ready to add the magic with her golden voice. Mind it; the music they create will take you to a wonderland in no time!

Doug Manor, of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, shared this music video of his son Trevor and the young man’s granny Gwen Gustafson on YouTube in July 2017.

Trevor Manor 发布于 2013年12月31日周二

Perhaps Gwen knows the melody all too well; after all, she must have been around 10 when the famous film was screened for the first time.

When the octogenarian grandma starts to sing, it’s truly as though she has stayed young forever.

As Gwen sings, her beloved grandson plays the melody. One can just sense how precious this grandma-grandson bond is.

Trevor Manor 发布于 2014年2月24日周一

Gwen’s voice soars just like the”bluebird of happiness” in the song—she sings it with such passion and grace.

Those who have seen this American timeless classic will never forget Judy Garland singing this beautiful song to her aunt Em and uncle Henry on their farm in Kansas.

Upon hearing the magical tune being played by Trevor, one may be transported to the wonderful world of Oz and the Emerald City.

Gwen Gustafson 发布于 2012年11月25日周日

One listener remarked on YouTube, “Her voice is like a nightingale. What a wonderful memory for the two of them … Judy Garland would have been proud of this performance.”

Incidentally, Gwen has her own YouTube channel, demonstrating that you are never too old to enjoy life to the fullest.

Watch the sweet duo in the video below: