8 Surprising Benefits of Nature’s Gentle Purifier

Chlorella: A Powerhouse of Nutrition
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December 4, 2018 Updated: December 7, 2018

Epoch Times PhotoChlorella is one of the world’s tiniest plants. But good things come in small packages.

Chlorella is a green, single-celled algae with a simple structure, yet it’s brimming with nutrients. It has protein, contains over 20 different vitamins and minerals, and all the essential amino acids. It also has antioxidants, beta-carotene, beta glucan, and more.

Since chlorella contains so many of the nutrients we need for optimal health, everyone’s diet can benefit from this algae. In fact, chlorella has numerous benefits.

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Fights Bad Breath

Chlorella is high in chlorophyll, the component that gives plants their green color. The deep green of chlorella is why this algae is the most concentrated source of chlorophyll known.

Chlorophyll allows plants to soak up energy from sunlight.

It also helps remove bad smells. That’s why people with bad breath might benefit from taking chlorella.

Chlorella works throughout the digestive tract, neutralizing odor-causing bacteria that causes bad breath. Combined with proper oral hygiene, regular chlorella consumption can keep you smelling sweet.

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Skin Health

Chlorella can help your body heal wounds from inside out.

Another nutritious feature of chlorella is nucleic acids. Nucleic acids are essential building blocks for our bodies’ DNA, RNA, and good cell function. And chlorella is higher in nucleic acids than any other food source.

This, along with chlorella’s 50- to 60-percent protein content, can help support overall skin health as we age.

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Weight Management

There are signs that regular chlorella consumption may help support your weight loss goals. The nutrients in chlorella support your metabolism and support the body’s detoxification process so you don’t feel so sluggish.

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Fights Hair Loss

Researchers believe that chlorella may help stimulate the body’s production of keratin: the major structural component of healthy hair and nails. It can also strengthen hair follicles and improve scalp circulation.

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Heart Healthy Food

High blood pressure (or hypertension) affects an estimated 50 million Americans. It increases the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, and can also damage kidney function.

Lifestyle is a big factor in supporting normal blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight, a good diet, exercise, and reducing alcohol consumption can all contribute to lower numbers.

The nutrients in chlorella may help keep your heart healthy.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are nutrients within chlorella that help support your heart’s health by regulating blood pressure.

Healthy Cholesterol Level

A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study from 2014 found that daily consumption of chlorella supplements helped reduce triglycerides and total cholesterol levels.

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Keep Joints Healthy

We know that chlorella may help support tissue and a normal inflammatory response.

Chlorella may even benefit serious chronic pain problems like fibromyalgia—a disorder that makes you hurt all over and feel constantly exhausted.

In a study published in the 2001 edition of the Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, researchers found that after three months on chlorella supplements, fibromyalgia sufferers saw as much as a 50-percent reduction in the severity of their pain and fatigue, and an increase in their overall wellbeing.

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Healthy Digestion

Fiber is an important nutrient when it comes to digestive health, and is another important feature of chlorella. Fiber helps cleanse the digestive tract by physically removing backed up waste material and toxins.

Daily chlorella intake can help support proper digestion and elimination by feeding the beneficial bacteria in the colon and keeping everything moving along.

A Word About Quality  

One major obstacle with chlorella is that its wealth of nutrients are locked away. This small algae has a very tough cell wall that your digestive system can’t penetrate on its own.

Some manufacturers have used heat or chemicals to bust through this barrier. But heat can hurt the algae’s nutritional content, and chemicals add undesirable, and potentially unhealthy, ingredients.

An important innovation in chlorella supplements came in 1981 when Sun Chlorella of Japan developed a patented process to pulverize the thick outer wall of the chlorella cell without heat or chemicals, allowing the body to utilize all the chlorella’s nutritional benefits, making Sun Chlorella
the most digestible chlorella brand on the market to this day.



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