8 Fitness and Health Apps to Download Today

By Kate O'Leary
Kate O'Leary
Kate O'Leary
January 14, 2016 Updated: January 14, 2016

Smartphones make it easier than ever to track our fitness and health routines. Here is a list of my favorite fitness apps that will make your workout more fun, more productive and more effective.

1. Lose It!

You will find this app on most of the top lifestyle app lists and for good reason. Lose It! is one of the best, fee apps to track your food intake and weight loss goals. Need reminders to log your food and exercise? You got it with this app.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest may not be your first go-to for health & fitness—but it should be! This app (and website) is a mecca for healthy recipes and workout tips. You can find something new every time you log on so there is no excuse to not vary up your workouts and eating habits.

3. Slacker  or Pandora Internet Radio

Every exerciser can use extra motivation to keep pushing it. Personaly, I need my music to fuel my runs. Customizable internet radio apps like Slacker or Pandora allow you to create your own stations based on your favorite songs or artists; or listen to one of the pre-built stations.


4. Abs Workout

Mix up your ab workout routine with the Abs Workout app that also keeps track of the days you work out. Download the instructional videos right to your phone so even without an internet connection you can still see the proper form for each exercise.

5. Fooducate

Take the confusion out of grocery shopping with the Fooducate app which lets you scan product barcodes or search by category. Find out the good and the bad about the foods you are about to buy and start making healthier choices.

6. Pedometer HD Lite

If you walk a lot, Pedometer allows you to  keep count of your steps and calories.


7. Virtual Trainer

The Life Fitness Virtual Trainer app allows you to log cardio, strength, and even outdoor workouts on-the-go, and your results will sync wirelessly with your Virtual Trainer website account. If you plug your iPhone into our machines, it’ll store your results right from the console. 

 8. Daily Yoga

Add a little stretching and meditation wherever you go with the Daily Yoga app. Choose from different length videos and follow along to get in a meditative state of mind.

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Kate O'Leary