7 Signs You’re Doing Great as a Mom

November 8, 2018 Updated: November 8, 2018

You’ve heard it before: “Behind every great kid is a mom who’s pretty sure she’s screwing it all up” —author unknown.

This quote cuts deep to the heart of what mothers often feel.

No matter what phase of motherhood you’re in, it seems there is always something to be worrying about, and a gap between your vision of what a successful mother looks like and the reality playing out day-to-day.

To say moms juggle a lot is an understatement, and it’s all too easy to focus on the balls hitting the floor rather than the ones staying afloat.

The very fact that you’re reading this article is a sign in itself you’re probably not “screwing it all up,” but since you clearly need more convincing, here are seven more signs you’re doing a great job as a mom:

Your Children Care

Somehow, some way, you’ve managed to raise little people who care. They care about you and their family. They care about their friends. They care about all living creatures. They care about their toys and stuffed animals. They care about the effort they put in school, in their extracurricular activities, and in their individual pursuits. They care about their home and the world around them.

They have cultivated empathy and compassion and conscientiousness, regardless of how big your pile of laundry has gotten or how many toys are on the floor.

They care. You must be doing a great job.

Your Children Come to You

When they’re sad, when they’re happy, when they’re scared, when they’re anxious, when they’re bursting with big ideas, when they’ve made a mistake, when they’re tired, when they don’t know how they feel or what to do … they come to you.

They know that no matter what, you’re there for them and they can come to you with anything. They are secure in the fact that your unconditional love is present in their lives and that they can face anything life has in store.

No matter how many dishes are in the sink or what appointment you totally forgot about last week, they come to you. You must be doing a great job.

Your Children Are Good Company

Okay, not always, let’s be honest; but generally you enjoy the company of your children. You enjoy seeing the world through their eyes, experiencing new things with them, laughing at the same silly things together, taking on projects together, overcoming challenges together, chilling out on the couch together, and beginning and ending the day together.

No matter how many times you have to ask them to put their shoes on before leaving the house or clean their room, your children are great people to go through life with. You must be doing a great job.

Your Children Are Becoming More Independent

Whether learning to crawl or walk or cook dinner or drive a car, your children are growing and thriving and becoming increasingly independent.

Though you remember the day they were born and totally dependent upon you like it was yesterday, though you wish you could bottle their littleness and hold on to their childhood forever, you’ve taught them and guided them to the stage they’re at today. They amaze you with how far they have come and what they can do and understand.

Though you want to hang on tight forever, you are helping your children grow and thrive, and they are. You must be doing a great job.

Your Children Respect You

Even though you sometimes have to repeat yourself (over and over and over), you know your children are listening to you, have faith in you, and respect you. You are consistent in your values, in the rules of your house, in keeping your word, in how you treat others, and your children notice.

You are not afraid to say no. You are not afraid to apologize. You see yourself as your child(ren)’s most significant influence and you taking educating them seriously.

Sure they develop sudden bouts of hearing loss when it’s time to do homework or take a bath, but you know your children respect you. You must be doing a great job.

Your Children Are Beautiful

In your eyes, your children are the most beautiful people you’ve ever known. You are amazed by their inherent beauty, inside and outside.

You see them like few others ever will. You know their true spirit, who they really are, and you see all the beauty that lies within them.

You foster an environment for them in which they can truly be themselves, develop their innate talents, and develop a life that is meaningful and giving to others based on who they truly are.

Look at how beautiful they are. You must be doing a great job.

Your Children Exhaust You

They don’t mean to. They have so much energy, so much curiosity, so much love, so much excitement, so much to learn and do and explore.

And you—you’ve got this vision of the perfect mother, the perfect childhood, the perfect home, the perfect life. You’re striving and working and trying to be all the things to all the people.

You’ve got these high standards and all that love for your children. You’re giving it your all and then some. Though you may not always realize it, you’re doing a great job.

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