5 Daily Detox Tips to Supercharge Your Body

Simple ways to keep vital
July 10, 2015 Updated: July 10, 2015

Here’s a little secret: You don’t need to go on a juice fast or extreme cleanse to detox your body. Here’s another secret: You can detox and still chew food!

These simple steps will help you cleanse your body and embody wellness in a way that becomes your lifestyle, so you won’t need to go to extremes and live on spicy lemonade for three days. By incorporating these five tips into your everyday routine, you’ll be on your way to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Make these into habits and let your body do the flushing out.

Cleansing and detoxing ensures that your kidneys and liver are functioning properly. If they are not efficiently getting rid of waste, it results in buildup and inflammation in your body, two causes of disease and weight gain. Some other benefits of detoxing your system include glowing skin, improved digestion (less bloat and constipation), weight loss, more energy, and better sleep. Sound good? We think so!

1. Drink More Water and Lemon 

girl holding a lemonade on a light background

Get into the habit of starting your day with a big glass of water with lemon right when you wake up.

Lemon is detoxing and alkalizing, and it revs up your metabolism. Every function in our body runs on water, including elimination and cleansing. Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces throughout the day. (So if you weigh 140, aim for 8.75  8-ounce cups to make 70 ounces). Drink more if you are active or sweating.

Water helps with healthy digestion, regularity, detoxification, mental clarity, energy, and satiety.

Hungry? Dehydration often masks itself as hunger. Try drinking a glass of water before sticking your hand in the chip bag.  

Tip: For lemon water on the go, keep a bottle of doTerra’s therapeutic-grade lemon oil on hand to sprinkle into your water bottle. We always have it in our bag.

2. Eat More Greens



Kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, swiss chard, collards, you name it!

Dark, leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll, which purifies the blood and binds to toxins, excreting them from body. Greens are also loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins to keep your skin looking dewy, youthful, and glowing.

Try to eat or drink greens at every meal.

For boosts, add liquid chlorophyll, chlorella, or spirulina (green and blue algae) to your blended drinks.

3. Homemade Detoxing Tonics

(Tamara Dragovic/iStock)
(Tamara Dragovic/iStock)

Incorporate aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, ginger, or chia seeds into your day.

For a tonic, simply combine 8 ounces hot or cold water, a squeeze of lemon, and one tablespoon of any of the above daily. We also toss them into our smoothies or teas. You can also combine some together for an extra supercharge. Get creative.

Aloe vera juice is healing to the digestive tract, hydrating, and great for your skin.

Apple cider vinegar is extremely cleansing and alkalizing.

Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and chia is packed with antioxidants, fiber, and protein, and is great for hydration. You can also use these ingredients in dressings or soups.

 4. Take a Daily Probiotic


Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help reduce inflammation and prevent infection. Healthy bacteria will keep your entire system in balance so you can detox efficiently. They also increase your immunity. Around 70 percent of your immunity resides in your gut.

We encourage you to incorporate more probiotic-rich, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, Greek yogurt, or tempeh. Or take a high-quality supplement and feel the changes.

5. Spice It Up


Incorporate turmeric and cayenne into your cooking for anti-inflammatory benefits. Try making spiced roasted nuts or veggies or a superfood smoothie or your own spicy lemonade (combine lemon juice, hot or cold water, cayenne or turmeric, grated ginger, and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup).

Turmeric and cayenne are also great in tonics, dressings, and sauces. Get sprinkling.

Finally, we can’t have a daily detox discussion without the mention of daily gratitude and rest. Be kind, compassionate, and loving toward yourself.

Stress increases your levels of insulin and cortisol (infamous for promoting the accumulation of belly fat) and causes chronic inflammation. “Stress makes you fat. Relaxation makes you thin,” said Dr. Mark Hyman in the book “10-Day Detox Diet.” A little love and chill time can go a long way toward cleansing your body and looking fabulous. Relax and reset!

Embody wellness. Embody change. Embody your best self.

Christine Beal Dunst and Stephanie Rapp are the co-founders of Embody Wellness Company, specializing in creating customizable holistic wellness and nutrition programs targeted at life’s most important milestones: marriage, children, and career. For more information, visit EmbodyWellnessCompany.com