29 Foods to Boost Creativity

January 21, 2017 Updated: January 21, 2017

What we eat can affect our creative energies. The usual suspects—processed foods high in trans fats, artificial ingredients, and excessive amounts of sodium and sugar—can drain us of energy. Those foods can leave us feeling foggy, uninspired, and downright bored, not to mention lethargic, sick, and disease-prone.

In the short amount of time we have here on earth, “I’m bored” seems to be one of the harshest ways to spend a precious, fleeting moment. Whether it’s singing and dancing while we clean the house, creating a piece of art, or changing our approach to eating, thinking outside of the box is a fulfilling and healthy part of the human experience.

Give some of these healthy creativity-boosting foods a try and see how they may help you find more inspiration and clarity.

Complex Carbohydrates

Foods rich in complex carbohydrates provide the brain with a steady stream of glucose throughout the day. Unlike simple carbohydrates (we’re talking to you, refined sugar and flours), complex carbs take longer to break down and can be better regulated by the body and the brain. 

Porridge with pear and cinnamon (iStock)
Porridge with pear and cinnamon (iStock)Whole grain bread

1.Whole grain bread

2. Oats

3. Quinoa

4. Brown rice

5. Millet

6. Amaranth

7. Spelt

8. Barley

Good Fats

Essential fatty acids (the omegas) play a crucial role in proper brain function. They help our brains process and understand information, which is critical for creative thinking and problem-solving. Try getting a well-rounded variety of foods in your diet that are rich in all of the omegas.

(Marian Weyo/Shutterstock)
(Marian Weyo/Shutterstock)


9.  Hemp seeds

10. Chia seeds

11.  Flax seeds

12. Walnuts

13. Avocados

14. Olive oil

15. Coconut oil


Antioxidants keep our cells healthy by protecting them from free radical damage, something that’s especially important for the brain. Antioxidants also boost our immunity and help us stay healthy—a huge bonus if we’re looking to avoid listless time spent on the couch. Try these foods rich in a variety of potent antioxidants, including beta carotene and vitamins C and E:

(Clem Onojeghuo/Shutterstock)
(Clem Onojeghuo/Shutterstock)


16. Berries (any kind will do!)

17.  Citrus fruits

18.  Dark leafy green vegetables (kale, chard, mustard greens)

19.  Broccoli

20.  Beets

21.  Yams

22.  Squash

23.  Chocolate (dark, or better yet, raw)

24.  Wheatgrass

25.  Spirulina

26.  Maca

27.  Ginseng

28.  Bee pollen

29.  Green tea

Jill Ettinger is the managing editor and contributing writer at Naturally Savvy. This article was originally published on NaturallySavvy.com