Your Pinky Finger Size Holds Clues to Your Personality and Health, Find Out How

November 25, 2019 Updated: January 27, 2020

Our hands are amazing. We communicate, forge relationships, pick and prepare food, and applaud the things we love with our hands. But did you know that our fingers are also the gateway to some incredible information?

You can tell a lot about a person by the length of their pinkie finger in relation to its neighbor. Maybe that sounds bizarre, but we can learn a lot about ourselves, our personalities, and even our health from this one tiny detail. Have we piqued your interest?

Take a look at the picture below, courtesy of Mystical Raven. Decide for yourself: are you Type 1, 2, or 3? Decipher your own pattern and that of your friends and family for a fascinating insight into your hidden personality traits, and maybe even what the future has in store for your health.

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Illustration – The Epoch Times

You are Type 1

Your personality: You like to keep yourself to yourself. You prefer to build trust before sharing your feelings with others, but your protective outer shell belies a very loving, soft, and affectionate person on the inside.

You are highly emotional, although you sometimes like to pretend that you’re impervious to the world around you. Despite this guise, you cannot stand lies or dishonesty in others. In fact, you have the capacity to be intolerant toward other people if their behavior displeases you; be careful not to become too judgmental.

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You are highly emotional even though you might pretend not to be (Illustration – Shutterstock | Pan_Da)

You have a huge heart at the core of it all, and those who know you will see that you are motivated by love and a desire to affect positive change in the world. You adore laughter and fun, and your friends may even find your sense of humor eccentric.

Health alert: BrightSide suggests that Type 1s have a healthy spleen and stomach. You may be prone to occasional bouts of depression, however; be sure to maintain a vibrant social life!

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You are highly emotional, even though you might pretend not to be (Illustration – Shutterstock |

You are Type 2

Your personality: You are calm and reserved and don’t often make the first move. You are extremely loyal and devoted to the people you love, however, and in a relationship your partner always has your full attention.

Your friends would describe you as a “sensitive soul,” because you are empathic and often think of others before yourself. But you can sometimes be a little stubborn. On the one hand, this means you always follow through with any task you have set your mind on; on the other hand, changing your mind can be like trying to move a mountain!

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Type 2s are typically very loyal and devoted to the people they love (Illustration – Shutterstock | WAYHOME studio)

Sometimes you feel vulnerable, and while you would like the world to think that you are fiercely independent, you would actually love nothing more than to share your life with someone special. Your loving personality traits will give you a head start in this endeavor.

Health alert: Much like Type 1s, you also have a healthy spleen and stomach. But you may suffer stress if you remain goal-oriented at the expense of ample rest and relaxation. Take a break!

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Stay calm and keep an eye on those stress levels (Illustration – Shutterstock | Chinnapong)

You are Type 3

Your personality: You are a creature of habit and are uncomfortable dealing with unknown entities. As such, you can sometimes be guilty of burying your head in the sand and forgetting important details or things that have upset you.

However, you are kind, forgiving, and never hold a grudge. You respect your peers, and people generally think of you as a warm and affable person.

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You are prone to forgetting things that have upset you (Illustration – Shutterstock | Pao Laroid)

You do have a bit of a temper and are easily cajoled into an argument, but you will usually be the first person to apologize afterwards. Other people appreciate your transparency and your straightforward approach to life. You are trustworthy and dependable!

Health alert: You may suffer from poor digestion, so stick to a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

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Your friends, family, and peers can depend on you (Illustration – Shutterstock | fizkes)

How did you fare? Did you learn a little something extra about yourself today? If so, then tell your friends to talk to the hand! It will tell you an awful lot more than you expect.