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‘You can improve yourself in this world’

TIMEOctober 1, 2015

Captivated audience during the last European performance by Shen Yan Performing Arts (Xiaojun Zhu/The Epoch Times)
Captivated audience during the last European performance by Shen Yan Performing Arts (Xiaojun Zhu/The Epoch Times)
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands—New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts gave its last European performance at the well-known RAI Theater on Sunday, April 19, to an appreciative audience that honored the performers with lots of applause, three curtain calls, and a standing ovation before the final curtain fell.

Mr. Goedeles, a sales manger, was amazed at the unique portrayal of Chinese traditional culture that he saw on stage and was surprised to hear that the mostly Chinese artists were from New York.

“It was very nice, and I didn’t expect that it would be so nice. I would like to come back to see the show again. I heard that maybe next year they would come back, so I’ll be looking out for them. I like it very much,” he said making sure that we knew that he would not miss the show next year.

He mentioned two dances: “I remember the one with the fans [Welcoming Spring]. It was very nice. And the one with the flower that spoke of the Buddha coming to the world [The Udumbara’s Bloom]. It was very exciting. I have never seen anything like it before. Very nice,” he said.

He spoke of his astonishment of seeing such a lovely show and learning about Chinese traditional culture.
“The most important point is that they brought Chinese culture to us. Not inside China, but outside the borders of China. This is very special. I didn’t know this. I didn’t expect it to be so nice,” he said.

He will remember the show because of the message it conveyed. “You can improve yourself in this world. And after this performance, I believe it. It was very nice, very surprising, and exciting. Thanks a lot.”

Seeing the program that depicted the persecution of good people in China came as a surprise to him. “It was something new for me. I haven’t heard something about this before, and now I know something more about Chinese culture than before this performance. So I got much more knowledge about Chinese culture today.”

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Wen Hua