Wife Poses on Ocean Rock for the Perfect Photo–but Watch Closely What’s Coming Behind Her

December 10, 2019 Updated: December 10, 2019

Since the invention of Instagram, snap-happy millennials have been quietly competing for glossier, more impressive, and more extreme photos to add to their online collections. Some photoshoots, however, are far more precarious than others.

In one case, an ocean scenery was to be the idyllic backdrop for a classic portrait of a young lady perched on a jutting rock. But Mother Nature had plans to upstage the photographer’s ambition to get the perfect shot.

The photographer starts recording as his wife experiments with elegant, mermaid-like poses on the ocean rock. She sits in a lacy white dress on a picturesque perch of a shoreline of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All looks well … for the moment.

Epoch Times Photo
©Video screenshot | ViralHog

And then, all of that tranquil perfection is shattered.

The affectionately dubbed “Awkward Mermaid” (whose real name is Rosangela de Silva) is sitting poised on her chosen rock one moment and is suddenly swept away the next.

That’s right; the lounging beauty gets blindsided by a suddenly stormy swell of ocean froth from behind, spoiling the perfect shoot. The unexpected force sends her sprawling into the water.

The Awkward Mermaid

The Awkward Mermaid 😂Credit: ViralHog

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The soaking-wet video star has a split-second decision to make. Will she despair, burst into tears, and lament her disastrous photoshoot? Or will she wade to safety and see the funny side?

To her credit, Rosangela chooses the latter.

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©Video screenshot | ViralHog

The de Silvas’ video was picked up by media outlets everywhere and quickly went viral. After being shared on YouTube, Rosangela’s “Awkward-Mermaid” moment garnered over 3.1 million views.

“On a beach day, I decided to take a photograph on a rock that I found gorgeous,” Rosangela later regaled in the video caption. “I was not aware my husband was making a video.

“While I was posing,” Rosangela continued, “he started to scream about the wave. It really took me by surprise!”

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©Video screenshot | ViralHog

Facebook users were quick to comment on the clip. Many enjoyed the hilarity, especially after hearing Rosangela laugh at the end and learning that she was alright.

Many voiced their relief that Rosangela was safely washed ashore. Many found her misfortune relatable, and some even cracked jokes.

“I guess you could say that the photo session was a wash,” teased one viewer.

With Rio de Janeiro having a tropical climate, the shoreline is prone to rainfall and choppy waters. Rosangela and her husband may have selected a beautiful day for their outing, but here’s hoping the aspiring mermaid chooses a more predictable location for her next photoshoot!