Where Would I Move and Why?

By Ron Wynn
Ron Wynn
Ron Wynn
June 14, 2021 Updated: June 14, 2021

Times have changed, and people don’t move around like they used to. It’s a big commitment to sell your home and move somewhere else, and it can be very expensive.

One of the big fears people have is selling their home and not finding another in time to meet the escrow period. Another is that they won’t like their new home and it will be difficult to move back to where they were and find another home.

Before you give up the home that you are comfortable in, be sure you have another home and place that suits you. Some people even lease their home for a year to make sure their new location meets their expectations; once they feel comfortable, they sell their old home. But not everyone has the money to keep one home while buying another.

The whole transition is not always easy. Finding a qualified real estate agent will make the process far easier. Brokers specialize in helping people see when such a transition may or may not be in their best interest. You want an agent who really cares about you and understands your situation, including your finances. Finances are a private matter, and so you want an agent you can trust and open up to.

Selling your home is not so difficult these days; finding another may be more difficult, especially if you have particular needs. People move for a number of reasons. Sometimes they want to move closer to their children or grandchildren. Often, it’s nice for seniors to move to an area geared toward seniors. You can work with an agent who knows of communities for people ages 55 and up and can tell you all about their amenities. You might even visit such communities with your agent. If you want to broaden your search online, go to 55Places.com and find communities in your desired ZIP code, or search among other websites.

You might just want to get away from the traffic and get to a very beautiful place. Or perhaps you want somewhere where the climate is more manageable. Some people enjoy dry heat, like in Palm Desert or Las Vegas; others prefer the coast, near the beach. Everyone is different. Your local realtor can suggest various communities that may suit you.

If you want help navigating this search, have your local realtor assemble some resources or put you in touch with the right people who can help you make up your mind. Just make sure that before you make an important move, you have plenty of information, you are aware of values in your neighborhood, and you have an agent who can navigate for you and make the transition comfortable and seamless.

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Ron Wynn
Ron Wynn