Where to Get Your Garden Soil Tested (State-by-State U.S.)

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Garden soil testing, especially in vegetable gardens, should be done periodically. Because you’re growing plants that demand more than their fair share of resources to produce food, your soil may at some point become less fertile and produce stunted plants, low yields, or other problems. But the only way to know for sure if the problem is with the soil or if it’s caused by pests or disease is with a soil test.

If you test your garden soil once every few seasons, you’ll discover problems before they affect your plants. A soil test can reveal problems with pH, a lack of organic matter, nutrient deficiencies, and soil texture. Soil pH is often overlooked by gardeners, but plants grown in a too-low or too-high pH may have problems taking up or utilizing nutrients, even if they’re plentiful in the soil. The soil testing lab will send you a list of recommendations along with your test results.

Sample your soil according to the lab’s directions

Most soil test labs will send instructions on how to take a proper soil sample, or it will appear somewhere on their website. It’s critical to follow these instructions so that you have a representative sample of your entire garden or lawn. Taking a spade-full of soil from just one spot in your garden or lawn will not produce accurate results.

Garden Soil Testing Labs in Your State

Below is a chart of soil testing labs by U.S. state. Please let us know if any of these links are out of date, not functional, or if you know of additional resources.

Alabama Auburn University Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
Alaska University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service
Arizona University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
Arkansas University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
California University of California Master Gardeners Orange County
Colorado Soil, Water, and Plant Testing Lab at Colorado State University
Connecticut University of Connecticut Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory
Delaware University of Delaware Soil Testing Program
Florida University of Florida/IFAS Extension
Georgia University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Hawaii University Of Hawaii East Hawaii Master Gardener Program
Idaho University of Idaho Extension
Illinois University of Illinois Extension (list of statewide soil testing labs)
Indiana Purdue University Extension
Iowa Iowa State University Extension
Kansas Kansas State University Department of Agronomy
Kentucky University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Louisiana Louisiana State University Ag Center
Maine University Of Maine Cooperative Extension
Maryland University of Maryland Extension
Massachusetts University of Massachusetts, Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food, and The Environment
Michigan Michigan State University
Minnesota University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory
Mississippi Mississippi State University Extension Soil Testing Lab
Missouri University of Missouri Extension Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory
Montana Montana State University
Nebraska University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Nevada University of Nevada Extension College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources
New Hampshire University of New Hampshire Extension
New Jersey Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory
New Mexico New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
New York Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
North Carolina North Carolina Cooperative Extension
North Dakota North Dakota State University Extension
Ohio Ohio State University Extension
Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Ferguson College of Agriculture
Oregon Oregon State University Extension
Pennsylvania Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences
Rhode Island University of Rhode Island Master Gardener Program
South Carolina Clemson University Ag Service Lab
South Dakota South Dakota State University Extension
Tennessee University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Texas Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
Utah Utah State University Analytical Libraries
Vermont University of Vermont Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab
Virginia Virginia Tech State Soil Testing Lab
Washington Washington State University
West Virginia West Virginia University Soil Testing Laboratory
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Soil and Forage Laboratory
Wyoming Colorado State University Soil, Water, and Plant Testing Laboratory (University of Wyoming soil lab page directs here)
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