What Is Something Fans Do Not Know About Beth? Here Is What Duane Chapman Shared

June 29, 2019 Updated: June 29, 2019

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Chapman’s beloved wife, Beth Chapman, passed away on the morning of Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Since that moment, her heartbroken husband has opened up to the media about how painful the family’s loss has been.

Beth lost her 18-month battle with throat and lung cancer in Queen’s Medical Center, Hawaii, surrounded by her family. Amid the shock of losing his wife, however, Duane found it within himself to tend to the couple’s millions of fans and their own shock at losing one of their idols.

Duane, in honor of his wife’s beautiful, fun-loving spirit, shared a little extra with fans the day after Beth’s passing. Hoping to soothe everyone’s grief, Duane posted an uplifting video on Twitter as a tribute to his wife. The video has boosted the spirits of everybody who knew and loved Beth and is heartbroken by the culmination of the 51-year-old’s long and painful battle with cancer.

“People have asked me, ‘What is something fans do not know about Beth?'” the reality star posted. Proving that love and laughter are the very best medicine of all, Duane then posted the wonderful video of his wife bringing the house down with a wild rendition of a Bruno Mars song. “Here you go!” he said.

In the video, Beth has full control of the mic and the karaoke machine in what looks like a restaurant, and is anything but a shrinking violet. She dances and shimmies around the room, having a blast. While she looked slimmer than usual, Beth showed no visible signs of weariness in her smart black outfit and trademark long, blonde hair.

This woman was a powerhouse.

Duane spoke to Hawaii News Now the day after his wife’s passing. His moving words were testament to the fact that nobody can ever really be ready to say goodbye to the love of their life. Beth “fought hard,” Duane shared, and her death, although anticipated, still came “very unexpected, really fast.”

“All of her clothes are exactly where they were,” he continued, tearing up. “Her make-up, everything. We didn’t prepare.” Overcome with emotion, the bereaved husband and his family took a moment to wipe away their tears.

As Beth’s condition deteriorated in hospital toward the end, Duane felt helpless. He turned to Jesus for comfort and guidance. “I didn’t know anything to do but to say ‘in Jesus’ name’ and hold her,” Duane shared. Beth listened, and was also comforted. She asked her husband to repeat the words over and over again.

“I hope there is a God,” Duane said through a heavy veil of grief. “If there is, I’m going to see my honey again. And that’s all we can do,” he continued, wisely, “is hope.”

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Beth’s last words echoed her God-fearing husband’s but also showed that she was a warrior right up until the end. She turned to her husband and said, “This is a test of my faith,” Duane recalled, as reported by CNN. As they held each other in Beth’s last moments, the 13-years-married couple continued to be an inspiration to their fans.

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Beth will be remembered by services in both Hawaii and her home state of Colorado. If Duane’s uplifting video share is anything to go by, then the devoted husband is also determined to honor his wife in all of her guises; as a wife, a mother, a strong woman, and a wild, wild spirit.

“Beth isn’t dead, she’s sleeping,” Duane concluded, remembering the woman he loved who danced like nobody was watching.