What Action You Take First in This Situation Can Tell A lot About Your Personality

September 13, 2019 Updated: September 18, 2019

As strange as it may sound, the way that you prioritize everyday challenges can tell a lot about your personality. This test question makes it possible.

As depicted in the illustration below, immerse yourself in a hypothetical situation. Imagine you’re at home, probably browsing the internet and preparing some tea, but then all of a sudden, several things need your attention all at once. Not only is the phone ringing, but your baby has just started crying. Your dog decided now is the best time to start digging a hole in your sofa. And to top it all off, the kettle has finished boiling water and started making that all-too-familiar whistling sound.

Illustration – The Epoch Times

Of course, none of these issues can or should be ignored. However, the first item you decide to focus on can reveal a lot about the type of person you are. Here is what it says about what each decision might mean for you.

Answering the phone:

Illustration – Shutterstock | Liusa  

If you’ve chosen to answer the phone first, it means that you are a strong communicator and have an efficient, businesslike personality. You are good at making contacts and building up rapport with strangers quickly. Another trait of choosing to prioritize a ringing phone is the ability to multitask efficiently. It also means that you tend to enjoy being the center of attention. It does, however, show that you are the type of person who has a low tolerance for people in their life making mistakes.

Turning off the boiling kettle

Illustration – Shutterstock | maryna rodyukova

If you’ve gone to take the kettle off the stove before anything else, it shows that you might have a choleric-type personality and that you can be quite easily angered. It also means that you can be impulsive in your decision making but are very determined setting up any goals you want to achieve. However, you don’t do well with routine and can be easily bored if not stimulated enough. But you prioritize your safety and prefer following a well-thought-out system without having to deal with too many sudden developments.

Stopping your dog from ruining the couch

Illustration – The Epoch Times

If you decided that the first thing needing your attention is the pooch ruining the sofa, that means you might be someone who takes cleanliness very seriously. You like things to be nice and tidy, not only in your home but also when it comes to other parts of your life. You may be someone who thinks that keeping everything on a tight leash is essential. It may also suggest that you value your stuff and social status and that you can come across as a know it all.

Calm the crying baby

Illustration – Shutterstock | VectorShots

And finally, if you decided that your crying baby needs your attention first and foremost, then you might be a composed and creative person. You take pleasure in offering a helping hand to those around you, and you can even be capable of putting other people’s needs above your own. It suggests that you focus on the relationship you have with your friends and family. You hate solitude and need the company of other humans to feel secure. Meanwhile, you are also the type of person who prefers a quiet night in with your family as opposed to going out clubbing.

It’s interesting how such a simple drawing can reveal so much about a person.