Watching Shen Yun Was ‘One of the best nights ever’

March 11, 2017

“It was absolutely unbelievable. My husband I have traveled all around the world, and I can tell you, of all the places we have been, right here in our America was one of the best, best shows I have ever seen.”



“The color, the vibrance, the energy, the amazing voices … the dancers, you just don’t see things like these. It was really a number one spectacular.”



“The choreography was one of the best I have ever seen … All of a sudden the dancers would appear and then disappear into the background of the show … The timing is superb.”



“To have a live orchestra of this caliber is absolutely out of this world. Every single person was 100 percent on it all night long, just [a] brilliant performance.”



“I just want to get up and move and dance … It just made me feel really terrific … I have so much energy.” 



“We had one of the best nights we’ve ever had.”