VIDEO: Parrot Falls in Love With Owner’s Puppy, Says ‘I Love You’ Every Chance She Gets

BY Louise Chambers TIMEMay 4, 2022 PRINT

A parrot who overcame a traumatic past in her fourth owner’s home fell in love with the family’s new puppy, and an unlikely friendship blossomed. Footage of the chatty bird telling her puppy pal, “I love you,” is warming the hearts of millions, and the pair has become a social media sensation.

Idaho resident Wendy Albright says her umbrella cockatoo parrot, Sweet Pea, and black Labrador retriever puppy, Copper, can’t get enough of one another’s company.

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(Courtesy of @theparrotladyidaho)

“I was cradling the puppy when he was just 6 months old, and told Sweet Pea she should tell the puppy she loved him, which of course she did … she felt a mothering instinct over him,” Albright told The Epoch Times.

The California-born pet owner, who works in accounting, filmed her parrot and puppy’s first interaction in March 2021 and posted it to TikTok, amassing tens of millions of views. Since then, their bond has only grown stronger.

“When [Copper] was little, she was constantly petting him with her claws, cuddling, and stealing his toys,” Albright said of Sweet Pea. “I think the cutest thing is, when the puppy would go in his crate for a nap, she would bring all his little toys and pile them in front of the entrance. She would try to get him to wake up to come out and play.”

The puppy loves Sweet Pea just as much. “She sat on him when he was really young and I think he liked the warmth,” said Albright.

(Courtesy of @theparrotladyidaho)

Albright believes the pair’s viral videos have brought respite to an online audience during stressful times. Albright has even got used to being recognized in public, since realizing how much fans love meeting her and asking after the animals.

“There’s nothing that makes me happier than watching others be happy,” she said.

“I’m often at the grocery or some public place and strangers ask me how Sweet Pea is doing and stop their day to tell me how much they love watching her videos.”

(Courtesy of @theparrotladyidaho)

Albright, who comes from an animal-loving family, always wanted an umbrella cockatoo. When Sweet Pea, who is between 18 and 25 years old, was advertised by her former owner on Craigslist for $1,000, Albright jumped at the chance to take her on.

It wasn’t an easy transition.

“Sweet Pea has had four owners, and the constant changes in her life have resulted in severe anxiety,” Albright explained. “She pulls her own feathers out, which is a form of self-harm some parrots use to cope with their mental state and background.

“Unfortunately, although many of her feathers have grown back in since I adopted her, her left wing was so badly damaged that it cannot heal.”

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(Courtesy of @theparrotladyidaho)

In light of Sweet Pea’s anxiety disorder, Albright no longer travels like she used to. But the sweet parrot has brought immeasurable joy to her life.

Sweet Pea wakes at 8 a.m. to chat, snuggle, and “fly” on her owner’s shoulder, and play with her puppy pal and favorite toys—wooden blocks, Lego bricks, cups, measuring spoons, and any household items safe for her to handle—before bedtime 12 hours later.

Her lexicon includes, “I love you,” “How are you?” “Hello,” and barking like a dog. “She runs through the house barking, which is a big crowd-pleaser,” said Albright.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of @theparrotladyidaho)

Sadly, while Copper’s love for Sweet Pea has grown, so has his size and strength. These days, Albright is forced to keep the pair separate to prevent accidents.

“I think that they would still play and enjoy each other, but he’s now 60 pounds and she’s probably not even a pound, so I don’t want to take any chances of an accidental injury. Now they just look lovingly at each other!” Albright reflected.

Most recently, Sweet Pea has started standing by Albright’s sliding glass door, pushing her beak against it. Copper stands on the other side, “jumping up and down and wagging his tail at her.” Sweet Pea responds by barking and running in circles of excitement.

Albright continues to share her feathered, furry family’s escapades on TikTok and Instagram. “They are the cutest pair you will ever see,” she said.

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